Ice dams be damned

Ice dams be damned

Chris, a neighbor about a block away from me, was working vigorously to stop further damage from ice dams on his roof.

Not even 5 minutes into a conversation on how ice dams occur, getting used to urban living after growing up on a southern farm, and cool Piggly Wiggly sunglasses as red as his ladder, my wife and I were invited over for drinks when the weather shaped up. “Gin or whiskey is what we drink.”

What I love about this project is having the opportunity to meet and photograph new people, learn why they live in the Longfellow community, and seeing strangers turn into kind neighbors with a name and a known story.

Photo taken by Guthrie Byard

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  1. You’re right, this project has given us an opportunity to meet new people and find out more and more about our neighborhood. I’m really enjoying this!


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