“When you stop being better-You stop being good”

 “When you stop being better-You stop being good”

It seems like “Do Uggs Now” has been on the Don’s Leather Cleaning sign for ages; I cannot remember it saying anything else. I stare at this dilapidated sign every time I pass by, wondering about the business’s history and what the future of the property holds for the community, thinking the business closed for some time now.

Then I looked into the business and noticed on their website that they are celebrating their 43rd anniversary.

A Mr. Dart Poach (wonderful name), son of the founder, Don Poach, runs the business now. “We have been accused of making leather brand new looking–that feat is impossible-but we have been accused of it more than once.”

If anyone knows anything about the business beyond what is on their website, please leave a comment or email [email protected] I would love to learn more about their place in our community.

Photo taken by Guthrie Byard

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