Wow! “Not So Little Free Library”

We have an amazing community of talent. Inspired to enjoy the discovery and journey, this masterpiece is located in the boulevard of artist Richard Parnell’s residence. You can visit

The movement of Little Free Libraries began to our east in Hudson WI by a man named Todd Bol. It has since grown to international scale.

For the Greater Longfellow neighborhood it makes the experience of walking in the neighborhood fun and interesting, like a strolling art gallery, or museum. We are fortunate to be nestled and bound by a 10,000 year old river gorge and the Mississippi River to our east, the first Light Rail line to our west, one of the top 5 most visited places in Minnesota called Minnehaha Park on our south, and the Midtown Greenway to our north. How fortunate for those who have chosen to live here.

See Jane Strauss’s photo dated January 8, 2014 part of this project.

Learn more about tiny libraries visit

Photo: Katie Simon-Dastych

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