Family fun!

Tristen, Teanna, Tristen Jr., and Neveah are heading home after a fun … READ MORE

Rail Trail

A bugs-eye view of the rails that parallel Hiawatha Avenue. The railroad supports … READ MORE


The rhubarb knows it’s spring. Photo: Maley Neil

Natural trellis

One creative neighbor crafted this neat trellis/fence out of natural materials. Photo: … READ MORE


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Early Blooms

The magnolias are in bloom all over the neighborhood! This photo is … READ MORE


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Moe and Thor

Neighbor dogs Moe, Puggle, and Thor, Rottweiler, taking in the sunshine and … READ MORE


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Get Going!

The port-a-potties are lined up and ready to “go” for the Get … READ MORE


Bright tulips are popping up all over the place. Photo: Maley Neil

Backyard Guitar

Michael, a retired schoolteacher, plays guitar outside his apartment building on 34th … READ MORE