Photo: Katy Buxton

Longfellow School

Initially opened in 1918, Longfellow Community School served Longfellow’s elementary-aged students until … READ MORE


Photo: A.G. Wilson


There are numerous waterfalls into the Mississippi Gorge through Longfellow. This one … READ MORE

All Clear!

City plows clear 39th Avenue south of Lake Street. The City of … READ MORE

Family Visit

Visiting their dad, Chris, at work. Photo: Liza Davitch


Lord of the Rings Trilogy at Riverview Today Photo: Frank Hurley


Photo: Frank Hurley

Last Photo

For my last photo I wanted to introduce my little family. You … READ MORE

Tuesday Crew

It’s been a pleasure serving as the Tuesday photographer for the Longfellow … READ MORE

Tom Russell

I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring and searching Longfellow with my camera. Thank … READ MORE