Work Weekday Wrap-Up: W3 – The Friday Photographer


Wow, this year has just flown by! I remember how excited I was that January 1st was a Friday and I got to start the ball rolling. I am so grateful to have been part of the Longfellow365 Project. It has challenged me creatively, photography skill-wise and life- and time-wise. There were many l days when I would all of a sudden say (actually several times in one day), “eek, it’s Friday, I need to take a photo”! Panic!! But once I grabbed my three cameras and started the hunt peace and quiet took over and I could see the neighborhood differently. Many days I would find so many people, places, things, and landscapes that I wanted to photograph (and I did photograph them all) and then it was hard to choose. Some of these ideas I ‘kept in my back pocket’ for when I was in a pinch on a Friday and could go right to a spot and shoot.

My interpretation of the project was to describe the overall nature of the Longfellow neighborhood in photographs; often from the perspective of past, present and future. I think one of my favorite parts of this project was seeing the photos from the other photographers. Again, there was many a day when I said, “Whaaaat! Where did they find that? Or huh, how did they do that?” I learned a lot about photography and the neighborhood from them. My colleagues and I have produced some excellent photographs, while documenting the many changes occurring in the Longfellow neighborhood throughout 2016.

Lastly, I would not have made it through this entire year without the help and encouragement of my husband, Craig Longtine. He has a different eye than I do and often his eye was helpful when I was befuddled and wanted to send five photographs! Many thanks to Guthrie Byard for all the behind the scenes (or behind the photographs) work that he does so that we are able to do the front part – the photographs.

Welcome 2017 photographers, look differently and shoot ‘out of the box’, that is where the fun comes in! Cheers and Happy New Year!

Photo: Megan Longtine-Jones

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