Being Good Stewards

Location: West River Parkway and East 42nd Street

We had the opportunity to meet these amazing young men. Paul and Michael started their most recent canoe trip in Bemidji. They portaged around Saint Anthony Falls and we found them after they navigated their canoes and belongings out of the Mississippi, up the steep gorge.

They told us that they were on day 26 of this journey. Along the way, they’ve been removing trash from the river. Other projects they’ve been involved with have included traveling across the country cleaning up areas, such as the Appalachian Trail. They originally planned on just the Minnesota portion, but currently considering doing the entire length of the River. Please visit their Adventure Stewardship Alliance Facebook page, their instagram page @adventurestewardship, and their website Thank you Michael and Paul for sharing your story. Safe travels to you.

Photo: Carri Musil

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