Location:  Near E. 28th Street, and 27th Ave. South Photo: Kevin Venerus

Snowy Runner

Location: Longfellow Park An unidentified runner does wind sprints in Longfellow Park on … READ MORE


A customer enjoys relaxing with a beer at Fireroast. Photo: Carri Musil

Fall transition

Pumpkin remnants of fall festivities, Longfellow neighborhood. Photo: Ashley Yellick  


Location: Riverview Theater The Riverview Theater was built in 1948. The Sound of … READ MORE

Crow Convention

Location: Longfellow Park When crows start massing in Longfellow Park at dusk, … READ MORE

A Repair Lair Repair

Location: Repair Lair, 3304 E. Lake St. Repair and consignment of outdoor gear … READ MORE

Urban Cider

Location: Urban Forage Winery and Cider House, 3016 E. Lake St. Jeff Zeitler’s … READ MORE

Sewer Art

Cool manhole cover near the Minnehaha post office. Photo: Jack Musil

Solid State

Location: Solid State Vinyl Records – 4022 46th St Not just Black Friday, it … READ MORE

Turkey Dinner

Walking off the turkey dinner(s) on a lovely afternoon in Minnehaha Park. … READ MORE

Book Worm

A little Free Library located at 41st Ave and 34th St. Photo: Carri Musil

Longfellow Neon Collage

I took an evening spin around the neighborhood to see what neon I could find.


Location: Minnehaha Upper Academy Photo: Kevin Venerus