All Lit Up

Location:  3152 45th Ave S. Rich and Lolly (with their 2 year-old … READ MORE

Meet at the park

Location: Longfellow Park Photo: Marya Johnston-McIntosh

Minnehaha Off-Leash

Just your neighborhood dog park. Located between Minnehaha Falls and Coldwater Spring … READ MORE

Coliseum Building 

Location: Lake St. and 27th This building once housed Freeman’s Department Store … READ MORE

Currier and Ives

Location: Becketwood Chapel – 4300 West River Pkwy Photo: Paul Rasmussen

Live Forever June

On an October bike trip in Germany, June Haddow and two fellow cyclists were struck by a car smashing into the riders at a pullout spot along a country road. Photo: Kevin Venerus


Location: Riverview Cafe & Wine Bar, 3753 42nd Ave S Minnesota native singer-songwriter-storyteller … READ MORE


Flourish Pilates, located at 3347 42nd Avenue south, offers Pilates, Yoga and Bodywork studio, as … READ MORE

Tipsy Puppy

Location: The Howe – 3675 Minnehaha Ave It seems that this St … READ MORE

Bumper Sticker Car

Location: 37th Ave Photo: Martin Schub

Roll Tide

Photo: Paul Rasmussen

Green all year long

Location:  Longfellow Market Photo: Kevin Venerus

Winter Steps

One of two stone stairways at Minnehaha Regional Park (either 106 or … READ MORE

Guerilla Light Awards

The Longfellow Lights Committee is group of people that have been going around giving awards to people that show lots of holiday spirit!

Sign of the Times

Resisting the times. Photo: Martin Schub

Self Portrait

Ashley Yellick shares her experience with Longfellow365.


A happy half-Shepherd/half-Newfie with a stick. What nice teeth you have! Photo: Rick Fuentes

New Business on Minnehaha 

Two Bettys Green Cleaning Service is the newest business on the bustling Minnehaha Ave. Photo: Trica Leland

Famiy Portrait

Carri Musil shares her experience photographing for Longfellow365. Photo: Carri Musil

Year-End Self Portrait

Martin Schub shares his experience as the 2017 Tuesday Longfellow365 photographer. Photo: Martin Schub

Sub-Zero Selfie

Paul Rasmussen’s year-end photo of himself and his pupper. Photo: Paul Rasmussen.

Kevin Venerus Self Portrait

Kevin Venerus shares his experience as the 2017 Thursday Longfellow365 photographer. Photo: Kevin Venerus

Cold photog self portrait

Rick Fuentes shares a self-portrait and a few words before parting. Photo: Rick Fuentes


Trica Leland shares her experience as the 2017 Saturday Longfellow365 photographer. Photo: Trica Leland

Ford Bridge Shadow

Ford bridge casts its shadow on the Mighty Mississippi. Photo: Tom Russell