Slush so deep

Water main leak leaves a road slushy and nearly undriveable.

Photo: Troy Davison

Hardy Commuter

Winter Bicycling in all its glory. Photo: Jack Musil


Pi house. Photo: Matt Schanback

Cold Critter

A cold squirrel looks up towards the sky hoping for warm weather. Photo: Whitney Hauser

Minnehaha Creek Railroad Bridge

Picture a train car filled with wide-eyed tourists soon to see Minnehaha Falls for the first time. Photo: Jack Musil

Around 2:30

Snow falling around 2:30. Photo: Matt Schanback.

Plowing the Greenway

The Greenway being cleared of snow by a Jeep. Photo: Jean Des Marais.

Snow Angel

Snow angels make an appearance at Hiawatha School. Photo: Joseph Williams

Excited to go home

Howling down East Lake. Photo: Troy Davison.

Peace House

Peace. Photo: Matt Schanback.

Meet Ellen

Meet Ellen, a Longfellow artist. Photo: Jean Des Marais.

Perfect Timing

Doggos out and about. Photo: Whitney Hauser.

Studio MPLS

MPLS designs on East Lake Street. Photo: Anduz Johnson

Bike Rack

Minnehaha Ave-specific bike racks outside of Parkway Pizza. Photo: Joseph Williams

Snow Day!

Jumping for joy on a snow day. Photo: Emily Davison.


You can faintly see a city bus driving west on 38th street at the 42nd Ave. intersection. Photo: Joseph Williams