Squirrel Haus Arts

A squirrel with bad vision or just another Mpls hipster? Photo: Matt Schanback

Meet Rick 

Meet Rick, the face of Minnehaha Station Post Office. Photo: Jean Des Marais


Neighbors helping neighbors. Photo: Whitney Hauser

On a clear day 

Location: 38th St, Dight Ave R.Eye.P Photo: Anduz Johnson


Hi-Lo looks out on East Lake Street and reflects. Photo: Troy Davison.


Louise is a doggone good dog. Photo: Whitney Hauser

Longfellow Weekend

Longfellow certainly isn’t a middle of the road community. Photo: Anduz Johnson

Night Rider

Night riding on the parkway. Photo: Emily Davison

Another Phil Vandervaart 

Phil Vandervaart paints the sign for the Ricardo Levins Morales space. Photo: Anduz Johnson

Wash Me!

Cars cannot help but get dirty in this weather. Some say “wash me!” Photo: Joseph Williams

Slow Down!

Slow down; your neighbors appreciate it. Photo: Troy Davison

Peace Man

What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding? Photo: Jack Musil

This Tree

A memorable tree resides here. Photo: Jean Des Marais

Table For None

snow covered eatery. Photo: Whitney Hauser

Corner Store

Night at the market. Photo: Joseph Williams

Spring is coming!

Location: Lake Street and 46th Ave S. Photo: Troy Davison

Sad story/Super sale

After more than 45 years, this is the year River Lake Hardware will shut its doors for good. Photo: Jack Musil