Meet Rick 

Location: Minnehaha Post Office – 3033 27th Ave So.

Meet Rick, or to some, Richard, even. You may not know his name but I am fairly sure most of you have met him – certainly those of you in 55406. Rick is the face (in my humble opinion) of Minnehaha Station (as it is called) on 30th and 27th Avenue, otherwise known as the Post Office.

Rick is a welcoming sight when you walk through those glass doors. Today, his message has been, “It’s good to be a clerk!” in reference to the 8 below starting temps today. Rick is a perpetually kind, warm, welcoming and helpful postal worker. I will admit, and with all due respect, I don’t always relish the idea of a trip to the PO! There are times of the month, and certainly times of the year, that are pretty rough. There can be some teeth clenching. And then you make it through the glass doors and there’s Rick, kindly tutoring someone on how to mail a package for less money or in less time; or listening to an elder update him on who the package is going to; or finding just the right stamps. And you relax. And then you hope you will get a turn to talk to Rick! Indeed, as we were talking and having a picture, two folks stopped us. One to talk about when to pay his bill for his post office box, and another sharing his trading card that he’d been waiting for eagerly! Everyone knows Rick!

Rick has been a fixture at Minnehaha Station coming up on 20 years. Prior to coming here, he worked downtown for ten years. He tells me that he is, “…six numbers away from retirement!” and voiced frustration that a Minnesotan stole his opportunity to retire by winning the lottery (in Bloomington) yesterday. Darn the luck! But great luck for the rest of us who look forward to seeing him!

Thanks Rick!

Photo: Jean Des Marais

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