Corner of 31st Ave So. and East 28th St. – Literally 

Location: 2740 and 2746 – 31st Ave So.

This was one of those ever-occurring moments in the last six weeks of this project, when while driving around my neighborhood of 18 years, I’ve had to pull over and say, “Huh. I had no idea!” After stumbling across Anne Sullivan School, I encountered this truly interesting building and some really unique art on the front lawn. There are two businesses within the building.

Itek Energy came to our neighborhood in November 2014. They took up 22,000 square space of this property owned by Spye Experience, or 2746 – 31st Avenue, LLC. Officially, Itek’s address is: 2746 – 31st Avenue South, and Spye Experience’s address, is: 2740 – 31st Avenue South. They are on the corner of 31st Avenue South and East 28th Street – literally. Spye Experience is a Graphic Designer, and a “service company that blends the lines between an agency, an architecture and an integrator…” or more simply, an AV integration company.

Itek is a Washington state-based business producing high-efficiency solar modules and grid-tie inverters. When they came to our neighborhood, in particular 31st and 28th, they re-branded the MN property, calling it: GRID. GRID stands for: The Greenway Resource for Integrated Design. This is based on the immediate and direct access to the Midtown Greenway and its close proximity to the U of M and Downtown MPLS, as well as the Mississippi. They obtained a “Made in Minnesota” certificate in 2016.

Look these two companies up, swing by and look at the art…very cool things going on, literally on the corner.

​ @Spye.Experience

Photo: Jean Des Marais

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