Hidden Gem

Colors on a gloomy day. Photo: Jean Des Marais

Signs of Spring!

Signs of spring are around us. Photo: Whitney Hauser


Location: Minnehaha parkway I was biking down to the falls to get … READ MORE

Pothole City 

Pothole season is upon us. Photo: Matt Schanback

Meet Cindy

The scoop on a legendary longfellow hair stylist. Photo: Jean Des Marais

Seasons Change 

The former Creative Kidstuff is demolished to make way for more Longfellow residents. Photo: Anduz Johnson

Framed Sunset!

Location: 36th St. and Snelling Photo: Troy Davison

Park Bench

Location: Wabun Picnic Area The weather is getting warmer and soon this … READ MORE

River Sunset

Bridge over the River Mississippi


A snowy start to spring. photo: Troy Davison

Canine Cuisine

Where do Longfellow dogs go to celebrate their birthdays? The Howe of course! … READ MORE

A familiar trail

“Oliver Hart- On a Clear Day” Photo: Anduz Johnson


For some reason walking around in the rain to find this picture … READ MORE

El Norteno

El Norteno is a institution in Longfellow. Check them out. Photo: Emily Davison

Bread Basket

Turtle Bread has all of your bread kneads. Photo: Whitney Hauser