Meet Cindy


Hair stylist, style icon (at least to me!), business owner, and neighbor – sort of. During business hours she’s a Longfellow neighbor, but her home is in the Nokomis (ahem!) neighborhood. Cindy Hagen is owner of Alamane Salon, 4100 – 42nd Ave South. Cindy has been a business owner in Longfellow Neighborhood for better than 30 years​. Her first shop was 23rd and 38th for 20 years, then Lake and 36th for seven years, and now this location for 11 years. This building is that wonderful corner building on 42nd and 42nd (wedge-shaped) that according to Cindy at one point was a butcher shop, a bakery and maybe even a grocer.

I have known Cindy for ten years. She’s a trim, chic, stylish woman who looks the same as she did when I first met her! I see her and think, “Look what she’s doing to her hair, that’s new!” and before you know it, everyone is doing it! She’s very on trend with clothes and hair. They say bartenders are confessors and psychologist all in one? No, that’s Cindy. Cindy knows about my home, my pets, my work…which jobs I liked – which I didn’t…and she remembers. She will tell me what was going on in my life the last time I saw her and she’s always right, whether that was three months ago or two years like this time. But Cindy shares too, so when I got my cat, we swapped cat stories; when I was finishing my bathroom remodel – she was starting hers. She’s a wonderfully warm, participant in this relationship. And her craft? Well, as I mentioned, I have been going to see her for ten years!

Alamane has six chairs and services men’s and women’s hair and does​ facial waxing and manicures. Google Reviews, Nextdoor and Angie’s List all have nothing but excellent reviews. Appointments can be made by calling: 612-722-2656

Photo: Jean Des Marais

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