Wooden Door

Location: Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo After finishing up a presentation for class, a birthday … READ MORE


Location: 34th St and 47th Ave Photo: Emily Davison

East Lake Eats

Dragon City Chow Mein is a local institution. Photo: Jack Musil

An Historic Beauty

Location: Building 10, MN Department of Veterans Affairs Central Administration This beauty … READ MORE

DQ or Bust

The obligatory DQ photo for the project is always a good one, just like their cool treats. Photo: Whitney Hauser


In a sign that spring is here, even the woodgrain exposing itself. Photo: Troy Davison

Cub Construction

A new cub on the other end of the community will soon be open for business. Photo: Jack Musil.

Worried Robins

Even the robins are worried about the lack of spring weather. Photo: Matt Schanback.


Making the trek to dine out. Photo: Whitney Hauser


The snow persists and so does the biking. Photo: Anduz Johnson.

Sarcastic Santa

Santa on a stick = winter go away. Photo: Jack Musil

Honor the Earth

Earth doesn’t need to be saved, it needs to be honored. Photo: Joseph Williams

Heroic Goods & Games

The Twin Cities’ best gaming shop is right here in Longfellow. Walk in and enjoy! Photo: Matt Schanback.

New Patio

Parkway is open for outdoor business! Photo: Joseph Williams