All Are Welcome Here!

20180420desmarais.jpgLocation: Ebenezer Oromo Evangelical Church, 3901 – 36th Avenue So.

We have a new neighbor in our little community. Ebenezer Oromo Evangelical Church has taken over the church at 3901 – 36th Avenue So. Their grand opening was April 7.

Welcome to our neighborhood! You have come to a warm and embracing community.  I don’t know that you will find another more diverse and inclusive neighborhood! You are surrounded by people of all races, colors, creeds (as well as those with no creed), sexualities and genders, including those who identify non-binary. You will meet mixed-race families; families with just one mom or one dad; families with two moms or two dads, and single homeowners. You’ll meet your Muslim neighbors who are about to begin Ramadan in a few weeks – ending in June with Eid ul Fitr.When that happens, you’ll start seeing the signs in people’s yards honoring their Muslim neighbors. Nearly everywhere you go you’ll see the ‘All Are Welcome Here’ signs. I feel like that’s our trademark, or really, our motto. You will see rainbow flags, and signs reminding us all that, “Black Lives Matter”. I think there is a safe assumption that in Minneapolis there are a lot of Democrats – but not everyone. Even so, there are all levels of liberals and conservatives of both parties in our neighborhood.  We just can’t pigeon-hole each other. That’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? It’s the joy of this neighborhood: The next person you meet can be, and more than likely will be, so different than you, and so interesting! So, welcome and enjoy your new neighborhood!

Photo: Jean Des Marais

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