Bridge Art

Location: where Midtown Greenway meets the River Runners and bicyclists travel the … READ MORE

Minnehaha Scoop

Here’s another place in Longfellow to help keep you cool this summer. Photo: Matt Schanback

Meet Shun

Location: Minneapolis Police Department, Third Precinct 3000 Minnehaha Avenue Shun Tillman is … READ MORE

Walking the dog

Location: Minnehaha falls Regional Park – MPRB Longfellow Gardens Today was a … READ MORE

Boulevard Garden!

A beautiful boulevard garden resides next to Soderberg’s. Photo: Troy Davison

Alley Hoops!

We’re playing basketball. Photo: Katie Simon-Dastych

June Bug in June!

Location: 46th Ave. S. & 34th St. E. Photo: Troy Davison

Lake St. Signs

A few iconic signs along Lake St. Photo: Matt Schanback

This House

Home in Minneapolis. Photo: Jean Des Marais

Acme Foundry

Location: 3161 Hiawatha Ave. Longtime Longfellow business, Acme Foundry, molds custom metal … READ MORE

Stack O’ Drums

Drumsticks and drum sticks in the park. Photo: Jack Musil

These Guys

For years there’s been barricades up to prevent cars from driving over the Greenway at 31st Avenue South.