A Bicycle Built for Two and a Mini-Van Built for Eight​

Location: 31st Avenue and the Midtown Greenway

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room: No. I do not believe you must be under 3 foot, 7 inches to pass under the Greenway bridge and enter Longfellow. It’s reminiscent of a Midway ride at the State Fair: You must be this tall…​

This is facing south on 31st and the Greenway is passing in front of us. Ahead of us on the east side of the street is Anne Sullivan. This is the outer north-central boundary of Longfellow-greater.

Today at just before 1 PM, it was hot. No, seriously, it was HOT. It was windy and hot and humid. We bandy about this statement: hot like a furnace. This was the epitome of that furnace. While it was 84 or 85 degrees, the ‘feels-like’ was 962 degrees (I’m pretty sure that was what I heard). Standing outside the car to take some shots brought on a rather startling amount of ‘perspiration’. And yet, the traffic on the Greenway was brisk (sorry about that pun). We Minneapoltans — we’re a hardy bunch. Excessive heat-warning, be darned! We laugh at warnings! Ha HA! We grab our dads and our bicycles-built-for-two and we ride! Probably because it’s the only way to cool off our sweaty selves…but we ride, I tell you!

Off you go you well-aired-out Minneapoltans, (as I climb back into my climate-controlled to 68 degrees, crossover vehicle). I salute you (while dabbing my brow, my upper lip, and other areas…)…I salute you!

Photo: Jean Des Marais

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