The Mystery That is so Tantalizing!

Location: 4057 – 42nd Avenue South, or 4200 – 41st Street East, #101

There is so little to tell. I watched as this property changed over time a few years back with speculation and wonder. I heard many things – most intriguing, an art gallery – but I haven’t a clue. We all talked when the metal siding went up and the chemicals to make it rust began. What’s that all about?? Honestly, I love it. I think it’s really wonderful to see and speculate. There’s a southwestern-style to it – almost adobe. I researched and found that it’s two addresses: 4057 42nd Avenue South – is the owner and taxpayer, and an entrance on the 41st Street for an apartment: 4200 41st Street East, #101.

All I know, is that I really want to get in there and see what it looks like on the inside! Although, then all my suspicions and questions would be answered – and where’s the fun in that?

Photo: Jean Des Marais

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