The Japanese Beetles are Here and I’m Screaming!

Location: In a Garden Near You
Such a gorgeous day! I was really looking forward to digging around in the garden, thinning out the weeds, maybe staking the tomatoes that are LOVING the hot, rainy weather. And then…THIS GUY! Oh, he’s so pleased with his handiwork, having chewed up our blueberry bush into lacy bits where leaves used to be. And he’s certainly not alone – he’s got a gazillion or so of his best buds with him. Grrr.
Turns out, there aren’t a ton of great ways to get rid of Japanese beetles. You can read all about these dastardly creatures here but I’ll save you the click: Soapy water is their kryptonite. Go ahead and pick them off your bushes, flowers, veggies…and toss them into a bucket of soapy water. They’re slowest in the mornings, which means they’re less likely to buzz into your hair. Gross.
Good luck!
Photo: Whitney Hauser

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