Window Shopping

Strange Boutique, 3458 Minnehaha Avenue

Sometimes I walk or drive by and catch a view of a disembodied lower torso, or a doll with a weird hat or shirt on, or a stuffed animal that disturbingly looks like my late dog…and it gives me pause.  Other times I see weird disembodied lower torsos and retro coats with fur (real? I dunno) collars and catch a reflection in their front window of cars or pedestrians passing, and I have to stop to take the creative chaos all in! No doubt about it — it’s strange — but in a good way, I think.

Paul Durham is the owner — a longtime vintage buyer and seller who’s owned previous stores including Swank in Minneapolis in the ’90s.  This store opened in 2016.   Strange carries vintage, antique, taxidermy, repurposed and custom made items including furnishings, decor, artwork, clothing, accessories and oddities — oh, yeah, there are oddities!



Photo: Jean Des Marais

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