Roots, Rock, Deep Blues 8

Location: The Hook & Ladder Theater 3010 Minnehaha Ave S

There was something for everyone at this music and art festival – and didn’t everyone know it, by the looks of the sellout crowd! There was a long line, even at 2pm, waiting to get in. This shot was taken peeking through some sunflowers at the first of the bands, as they warmed up at the outdoor stage at The Hook and Ladder. The event is a fundraiser for the Firehouse Performing Arts Center.

Bands played indoors at both H&L and Moon Palace – and in between Moon Palace and The Hub, there was an Artists Village. Longfellow365 was there, selling our previous years’ books, as well as gorgeous framed prints and postcards of favorite captures. Don’t miss this super fun event next time it rolls around!

Photo: Whitney Hauser

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