Summer Flowers

Zinnias on a summer day. Photo: Matt Schanback

Whimsical Wednesday

Whimsical frog-like thing guarding the zinnias and tomatoes. Photo: Jack Musil

Monarchs and Thistle

This pair of Monarchs are loving the thistle. This scene can be found all over Longfellow as many people have Monarch friendly gardens. Photo: Matt Schanback

Ready to Fly

Ready to Fly

The Longfellow neighborhood cares a lot about the pollinators. You see Monarch Stations all over. Photo: Carri Musil

Winchell Trail

Winchell Trail

Outside enjoying the day. Photo: Anduz Johnson

Little Free Library

Little Free Library

My favorite Little Free Library in our neighborhood. Photo: Joseph Williams

Patio Party Pyro Display

Patio Party Pyro Display

For those who stuck around till the very end of Longfellow Grill’s August Patio Party, got to see an exciting display tricks using fire! Photo: Jack Musil

Longfellow Community Hops Garden

Hops Taking Shape

It has been fun watching the hops garden take shape at the Longfellow Community Hops Garden. Photo: Matt Schanback

Belle's ToolBox

Belle’s ToolBox

Family friend May is enjoying just a small part of the creative fun at Belle’s ToolBox which is the culmination of ideas and materials that Lucy and the team have been collecting over the past couple of decades. Photo: Robert Ball

Dowling Community Garden Celebration

Dowling Community Garden Celebration

Returning to the garden Saturday, there was a definite party vibe in the air! It was the celebration of the 75th year of the garden, originally started as a Victory Garden. Photo: Whitney Hauser

Lake Street Bridge

Riding Bikes

Riding Bikes along the Mississippi River. Photo: Anduz Johnson

Flowering foxglove in garden

South Garden

Flowering Obedient stalk in a local Cooper neighborhood garden. Photo: Katie Simon-Dastych

Water Fountains

Historic Water Fountains

The water fountains at Christ Church Lutheran are a nice place to pause on a morning walk with your dog. Photo: Nancy Schauff

Looking up in Longfellow at Arbeiter Brewing

Things are looking up in Longfellow

A new craft brewery is slated to open in the vacant Harriet Brewing Company spot next year, Arbeiter Brewing Company. Photo: Jack Musil

Schooner Tavern with sign lit at night

Schooner Lit at Night

The Schooner Tavern old sign atop the building has been revamped with new lighting. Photo: David Skarjune

Mother Earth Gardens Summer Day

Mother Earth Gardens Summer Day

Last week I made a stop at Mother Earth Gardens and I’m really excited about what I came home with! Photo: Sara Walsh (Courtesy of Mindful in Minneapolis)


cloudy. still biking around. Clouds. Photo: Anduz Johnson

Railroad tracks to old grain towers in background

Towers of Longfellow

The remaining of the old grain towers that are slowly being torn down at Lake and Hiawatha. Photo: Joseph Williams

Top of beer cup with smiley face in foam

Even the Beer is Smiling

Enjoying the final week of Music in the Park at Minnehaha Falls Park. The day was incredible, so beautiful in fact, even the beer at Sea Salt Eatery was making a hoppy face (pun intended!). Photo: Jack Musil

Support structures beneath Lake Street Bridge

Symmetry and Strength

Symmetry and Strength beneath the Lake Street bridge. Photo: Matt Schanback

tall sunflowers in a garden against blue sky

Sunflowers in the Sky

Giant sunflowers in Dowling Community Garden reaching high into the sky as the end of summer nears. Photo: David Skarjune