Elvis clock - NBF

NFS — Elvis Clock

While nearly everything else was for sale at this neighborhood estate sale, curiously, this Elvis clock was not. Photo: Guthrie Byard

Grenway Sunset

Greenway Sunset

Greenway Sunset — Sun setting on the Midtown Greenway. Photo: Anduz Johnson

Hiawatha Lumber Co. building


Forgotten — Biking along the empty side streets of South Minneapolis offers an interesting history of a neighborhood. Photo: Joseph Williams

Rain droplets on leaves

Summer Rain

Summer Rain — Photo: Troy Davison

Batter about to hit a softball

Is It a Hit?

Is It a Hit? — Swing and a…hit, but out at first base, during an adult coed softball game in Brackett Park. Photo: David Skarjune

Playgound equipment being erected in sand

New Playground

New Playground — New equipment has finally arrived and is being installed in all its geometric glory at Longfellow Park. Photo: Matt Schanback

Outdoor restaurant patio with garden

Summer Patio

Summer Patio — On a lovely late-summer day, restaurants with patios are a bonus. This patio corner, thickly planted with bright blooms, hides behind El Norteno. Photo: Jane Strauss

All Square restaurant patio

All Square Grand Opening

All Square Grand Opening —The wait is over. There were balloons, music and tons of people when I stopped by Saturday to snap this photo of the fun. Photo: Whitney Hauser

Power station

Power Station

Power Station — Hiawatha Avenue and Midtown Greenway. Photo: Anduz Johnson

W River Pkwy S street sign

Late Night Walk

Late Night Walk — Couldn’t sleep so I took a walk around the neighborhood and stumbled upon this sightly askew stop sign. Photo: Joseph Williams

Outdoor yard art on hanging hoops against tree

Splash of Color

Splash of Color. Photo: Troy Davison

Final Patio Party

Final Patio Party of the season at Longfellow Grill. These events are always special. Photo: Jack Musil

Cooper's Hawk on fence

Hawk Surprise

This Cooper’s Hawk was waiting for us on our fence when we got home. Photo: Matt Schanback

Habitat for Humanity ReStore


Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a great resource with new and gently used furniture, appliances, home accessories, building materials and more. Photo: Robert Ball

Longfellow365 East Lake Library exhibit poster

East Lake Library Exhibition

Our 2018 Longfellow365 exhibition is up at East Lake Library through October. 

Art, artists, and viewers outside

LoLa Run

Our stop at the LoLa Art Crawl Site #50, where several artists gathered in the shade of their tents, was especially fun. We were glad to chat with each other, and happy to check out the many tables of art. Photo: Whitney Hauser

Vikings and Friends

Vikings and Friends — Just enjoying a Vikings game with friends at The Howe.

Rain puddle relfections on the street

Bless the Rain

Bless the Rain — Walking to the Riverview theater to watch Ant-Man and The Wasp. Photo: Joseph Williams

Crane over construction site at night

Towering over the River

Towering over the River at Minnehaha Academy Upper School. Photo: Troy Davison

workers inside a building construction site

Jardín East Longfellow

There’s renovation happening inside the old Walgreens building on East Lake Street. Jardín East Longfellow will be a Spanish immersion childcare center at this new location opening next year. Photo: Hillary Oppmann

raindrops bouncing on the street

Dancing Drops

The rain was coming down in buckets. Photo: Matt Schanback

bee on a flower in a city garden

Busy Bee

This bee, like me, trying squeeze every last ounce of goodness out of this final day of summer! Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

acorns on a sidewalk

So Many Acorns!

It’s one of those years where the oak trees are going nuts making more acorns than the squirrels can carry off. Photo: Whitney Hauser

Cub sign on back of building


Biking past this Cub early in the morning, I usually get a pretty strong whiff of fried chicken. Photo: Joseph Williams

Iron works on railroad crossing


Short Line railroad bridge on the west bank of the Mississippi River. Photo: Troy Davison

Wonderland apartment building at night

For Your Historical Amusement

This was once the Wonderland Infant Incubator Institute and is the only structure still standing from the amusement park, now the 31st Street Apartments. Photo: Jack Musil

Elm tree stump

Elm Tree Remnant

I haven’t counted the rings but this elm tree was clearly very old. Photo: Matt Schanback

redflowers closeup in alley

Alley Garden

On this crisp fall day, I thought I’d get a photo of the flowers while they are still alive and blooming! Photographer: Sue Romain

feathery native grasses and chain link fencing

Chain Link Revision

Such a cool way to rethink a fence: weaving last year’s tall grass through the fence where this year’s grass is growing. Photo: Whitney Hauser

archway with vines

Longfellow Gardens

Hanging out in Longfellow Gardens. Photo: Anduz Johnson