silvery robots in dark yard

Whole Nother Level

This house took their Halloween decorations to another level… Photo: Matt Schanback

Pumpkin and pumpkin pie

Last Pumpkins

With the last two pumpkins of the season, one made it to pie… Photo: David Skarjune

Play house at playground

Playground Is Ready

All summer, work was being done at the Longfellow Park playground. It’s finally ready… Photo: Whitney Hauser

Sketch of woman in winterwear on metal on telephone pole

Street Art

Cool little artwork. Photo: Anduz Johnson


My only wish is that the puddle had been bigger… Photo: Joseph Williams

Vote Here sign

Election Day

Photo: Troy Davison

three pumpkins topped with snow on porch steps

More than Frost

A little more than frost on the pumpkins. Photo: Jack Musil

snowy scene of cars on street with Walgreens and McDonalds signs at night

Swirling Snow

I was trying to avoid a picture of the snow but… Photo: Matt Schanback

Squirrely Pumpkin

The squirrels have done their damage to the pumpkins left out on the steps. Photo: Whitney Hauser

holiday greenery with conifer branches in bondules and pots

Holiday Greenery

Beautiful assortment for holiday decorating. Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Streetscape with some early ice at sunset

Autumn Sunset

We’re in a weird middle season, there isn’t enough snow to feel like winter yet. Photo: Joseph Williams

colorful parasols hanging from restaurant ceiling

Sushi and Parasols

Midori’s Floating World Cafe. Photo: Troy Davison

Inflated lighted turkey in yard at night

 Turkey Day is Coming

It’s always fun watching the holidays coming in Longfellow. Photo: Jack Musil

Late afternoon sun behind V-shaped birch tree

Birch-framed Sun

The sun was out providing just a little warmth for a dog walk along 36th street. Photo: Matt Schanback

backlit feathery grasses with blue sky and bare trees in background

Good Sunshine

Gotta get that sunshine while the getting’s good! Photo: Eve Daniels

Multi-colored knit scarves lined up in three rows

Scarves of Many Colors

Local church holiday bazaars and boutiques spotlight all sorts of colorful creativity. Photo: David Skarjune

dog in forest with collapsed tree in background

Fallen Tree Fort

A fallen tree has created a little shelter/fort in the Mississippi River Gorge. Photo: René V. Rosengren

Moon and streetlights over a street with white stripes

Night Ride

Cool, quiet ride down a dark 38th Street. Photo: Joseph Williams

River with ice along shore and reflections of street lightrs

What Month Is It?

This could be the earliest the river has frozen. Photo: Troy Davison

Sidewalk with lawn mowers and snowblowers

Winter’s Coming

A lot going on here that caught my eye. Photo: Jack Musil

full moon against black sky

Thanksgiving Full Moon

Full moon shining down on our neighborhood. Photo: Matt Schanback

Community Room sign in foreground with craft table exhibits in background

Community Room

Craftastic Holiday Sale supporting small local businesses and artists on Black Friday. Photo: Katie Simon-Dastych

Tuxedo cat on box in retail shop

Feline Shop Security

This well-dressed cat kept watch on Small Business Saturday. Photo: Dan Hauser

Lighted trees and snowman in holiday display in yard at night

Tis the Season

Did you know that there is a Longfellow Lights Committee? It’s described as “guerilla holiday lights awards.” Photo: Carri Musil

rail line, steel fence, and highway traffic

Train Waiting

Taking the train so often I’ve noticed something… Photo: Joseph Williams

stone stairs going down hill dimly lit at night

Moonlight Stairs

Mississippi River bank near East 34th Street. Photo: Troy Davison

snowy roadway with trees on a gray day

Let’s Play Hockey

It’s only a matter of time before the hockey/skating rink is up and running. Photo: Jack Musil

highlighted cascading falls from above at night with dark snowy background

Falls after the Snow

The first snow made things very quiet and peaceful. Photo: Matt Schanback

snow woman made up sort of like the Statue of Liberty holding a Vote! sign

Neighborhood Messenger

It’s official—Minnesota was first in voter turnout. Photo: Julie Smith