man tying christmas tree to top of car in a snow storm

Snowy Shopping

Tree shopping became a bit more stressful as a blast of snow hit Longfellow. Photographer: Dan Hauser

Elephant sculpted from snow with a black flex hose for trunk

Snow Elephant

Sometimes a simple snowman is just not enough. Photo: Dave MacCallum

snow and ice covered street

Ice Road

These roads seem to go on for infinity when they’re covered in snow and ice. Photo: Joseph Williams

little towers of ice on a metal grate

Icy Hats

Photo: Troy Davison

man with a water hose on ice in a park

Icemaker Extraordinaire

Meet Anthony Avery. Instigator of the Ice. Flooder of the Field. Photo: Jack Musil

glaring sun over street and buildings against a pale blue sky

Big Sun

After days of grey just seeing the sun is a big deal. Photo: Matt Schanback

tall bare oak trees in snow against gray sky

Parkway Oaks

The oaks and parkway are a welcome sight any day of the year. Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

yellow sunset with blue sky and silhouettes of trees

Wabun Sunset

Late afternoon sunset in the park. Photo: Anduz Johnson

geese along snowy rail tracks with boxcar in background

Geese and Trains

I wonder what these geese are finding to eat. Photo: Joseph Williams

assortment of holiday gifts on a table with glassware, books, small misc. items

Holiday Gifts

Socks and fillings in store, plus local artist goods too. Photo: Troy Davison

window view of a lamp with a mannequin leg post in a lobby

Christmas Story

The Riverview Theater lobby is nicely decorated for their upcoming classic films. Photo: Jack Musil

nighttime holiday display of blue lights, stars, and reindeer figures in a yard

Reindeer Disco

Sure, there’s charming holiday lights all around… Photo: David Skarjune

silver artificial christmas tree and santa display in store window

Vintage Trees

It just doesn’t get more vintage than a tinsel tree and color wheel. Photo: Carri Musil

two tall construction cranes over a three-story construction site

Academy Cranes

Warm weather on Saturday made for a muddy worksite at the Minnehaha Academy Upper School rebuild. Photo: Dan Hauser

bicycle path framed by light and power poles with blue sky

Winter Biking

Fresh bike path along Hiawatha. Photo: Anduz Johnson

rising moon in blue sky over brick wall with pizza sign

Daylight Moon

Stopping by Parkway Pizza to get some lunch… Photo: Joseph Williams

Outside view at night of Geek Love Cafe building entrance and window with diners

Geek Love Cafe

Nice addition to the neighborhood that brightens a December eve. Photo: Troy Davison


Twinkly Boulevard Greeter

This cute snowman right on the boulevard caught my eye with lights surrounding his hat. Photo: Jack Musil

colorful holiday scene at night, trees strung with lights, lit-up snowman, electric wreath with "Merry Christmas"

Spirits Bright

‘Twas five days before Christmas and all through the ‘hood… Photo: Matt Schanback

grocery shopper in aisle next to vegetables with Aldifresh sign overhead

ALDI Fresh

Once a food desert, Longfellow is gaining more sources of fresh, healthy edibles. Photo: Jane Strauss

Many colored christmas ball decorations hanging from bare branches of a tree in front of a bungalow house

Balls of Holly?

Longfellow residents festively decorated a tree with colorful orbs. Photo: Dan Hauser

bare trees, brown field, gray skies

Winter Garden

Seasons change and Longfellow Gardens are frozen. Photo: Anduz Johnson

glaring light at night with car in foreground and building in background

Still Working

I wonder if they leave lights on for security or if people are working. Photo: Joseph Williams

Bearded man with black stocking cap and red winter jacket with gray river and gorge in background


I have enjoyed taking a photo each week for this project. Photo: Troy Davison

Me and Frosty

Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for enjoying my photos! Photo: Jack Musil

man in sun wearing white shirt and gray vest against white-framed windows in sun

Sun Smile

The last year has been full of discoveries throughout our neighborhoods. Photo:  Matt Schanback

two construction workers with electrical box and big long black cords

Construction Team

Thanks crew for all you do to ensure our stormwater system functions properly. Photo: Katie Simon-Dastych

woman's and man's faces closeup wearing stocking caps with yellow and red rocket sculpture in background against blue sky with clouds

We Had a Blast

Whitney and I had a blast photographing the Longfellow neighborhood this year. Photo: Dan Hauser

Man in winter coat in snowy forest on a gray day

So Long

So long 2018, thanks L365. Photo: Anduz Johnson

darkly lit man with red bow on head standing on a street of storefronts

The End

It may not be a party, but working this New Year’s Eve… Photo: Joseph Williams