Orange and yellow sky at sunrise with silhouette trees

Dawn of the New Year

Dramatically colorful start to 2019. Photo: Dave MacCallum

hand dipping grilled cheese sandwich into cup of tomato soap

Warm Comfort Food on a Cold Day

On this cold day a toasty grilled cheese with tomato basil soup was all that was needed to warm the spirit. Photo: Brian Donahue

storefront window into empty bench and tables with street reflections

Bye Bye Blue Moon

Odd to walk by the closed-up Blue Moon Coffee Cafe with empty benches and no art on the walls. Photo: David Skarjune

Front of small church building with white walls, brown trim, and tall grain elevators in background

Historic St. James Church

St. James AME Church reflects the heritage of the first African American congregation formed in Minneapolis. Photo: Brian Donahue

faraway figures on a snowy path through the woods on a sunny day with blue sky

Venture into the Oval

The Oval is peaceful and welcoming for a winter hike. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Building 9 time capsule

Time Capsule

This time capsule was discovered 75 years after it was hidden in the cornerstone… Photo: Katie Simon-Dastych

two dogs playing in a yard

January Thaw

Mixed Terrier buddies Willie and Rio tear it up in human-buddy’s frozen backyard Photo: Helen Miller

stonework and bench with large iced puddle reflecting a gray sky

Winter Bench

Ice on the Mississippi River overlook. Photo: Dave MacCallum

large metal framed window wall with colored slats and sign reading SALW 60%R OFF EVERYTHING MUST GO BY DECEMBER 31 *SOME STUFF FREE

Everything Must Go

Minnehaha Falls Nursery has closed its doors and covered over the windows. Not a tree nor plant in sight. Photo: Brian Donahue

Red and white pizza sign on building with STOP sign in foreground

Pizza Stop

The building is still vacated, but screams PIZZA as you STOP. Photo: David Skarjune

Four-pillared square stone structure in circular iced pond with sunset background

Wabun’s Stonehenge

A wading pool sits frozen in time. Photo: Brian Donahue

Convex mirror showing construction site with lumber, building materials, and a tall crane

Rebuilding Minnehaha Academy

The mirror captures the rebuilding effort of the Minnehaha Academy Upper School. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

silhouettes of trees with gray cloudy sky

Winter Silhouette

On a gray winter day the contrast of the sky and trees adds a bit of beauty if one looks up.  Photo: Julie Smith

tan leather couch on sidewalk in front of white brick wall with tree shadow

Out With the Old

New management clears out worn furnishings where patrons of former Blue Moon spilled many a cup and crumbs. Photo: Helen Miller

house window with poster of girl in top panes and dog in bottom pane, above a porch with railing, table, and chairs


Dog keeping an eye on things. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Cinder block building with City of Minneapolis Equipment Storage sign over industrial overhead door

Snelling Yards

This building with a beautiful art deco style may be demolished this year… Photo: Brian Donahue

Approaching light rail train with bicycle path and fence foreground and downtown Minneapolis skyline background on a sunny day

Northern Longfellow

Downtown view from the Northernmost reach of the Longfellow Neighborhood… Photo: David Skarjune

front of church with dark wooden doors on white building with a cross over the doorway

This Old Church

The architecture of this church intrigued me driving by. Photo: Carri Musil

Fuzzy haired golden grasses with bluish snowy background

Boulevard Grasses

Tall grasses on the boulevard provide a lovely visual texture in the winter. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Full Moon in dark sky

Moon Waiting

Waiting for the eclipse proceedings to begin… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

smurf and gnome statuettes on frosted wood stump with toy houses

Winter Greeting

Smurf and friends bid passers-by welcome from their wood stump patio. Photo: Helen Miller

gray expanse of snow and ice rink with horizon line of bare trees and houses

Ready for Action

Hockey and skating rinks awaiting the skaters. Photo: Dave MacCallum

man at control board with many knobs facing monitors with background window of man with many guitars

The Minnehaha Sessions

Musician Andrew Diemand lays down vocals as studio owner Tony Williamette works the controls. Photo: Brian Donahue

Woman presenting to a group of seated people with shelves of spray bottles on the wall

About those Bottles

Heads up to see shelves of reusable spray bottles at Two Bettys… Photo: David Skarjune

small commercial building with iridescent white wall, shadowed by tree on left, next to red pickup truck on right with blue sky background and street with snowy cement foreground

Minneapolis Sound

This 1939 building was a Phillips 66 gas station until 1964, now a recording studio. Photo: Carri Musil

Traffic lights at intersection at dusk with Minnehaha Liquors lit sign on building in background

Intersection at Dusk

Brightly lit shops and traffic signals against the blue sky at dusk. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Building with Minnehaha Scoop sign on top and Keep Cool mural on wall with snow in foreground

Keep Cool

The irony of “Keep Cool” was delicious as I was hoping my camera would work at -3°F. Photo: Jane Strauss

footsteps through snow-covered sidewalk with snowy street under streetlights in the dark

Snowy Lake Street

5:30 am and already a few have passed this way. Photo: Helen Miller

Dozens of ceramic tiles with different patterns and colors in a grid together.

Hottest Thing in the Neighborhood

Sampling of Arts & Crafts tiles at North Prairie Tileworks that fit the vibe of neighboring bungalows. Photo: Brian Donahue

icy cascade over a dam on frozen mississippi river with old Ford power plant

Ice Cascade

The Mississippi River is a frozen cascade of ice over the Ford dam. Photo: David Skarjune