Head of garden gnome poking out of a snowbank

Colder than G’Nome

Colder than Antarctica, Siberia and of course G’Nome, Alaska! Photo: Carri Musil

Small green mini-van parked by lue building with snow and tall dried grasses in foreground

Lil’ Green Truckster

Seeing a bright green vintage truckster made me smile today. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Slushy bike path next to road lined with bare trees on a gray foggy day

Parkway and Fog

Fog does many things. It shrouds, but also brings what is visible into quick focus. Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Two german shepherd dogs, one near and one far, in snow with fog

No Tennis Today

The snowy court at Longfellow Park provides a confined space for dogs… Photo: Helen Miller

Clump of snow-capped dried brown stems in the snow

Minnesota Cotton Plants

Delicate puff balls of snow after the storm. Photo: Dave MacCallum

bare trees along icy water and snow

After the Snowfall

A morning hike down the Minnehaha Creek Trail where the creek meets the Mississippi River. Photo: Brian Donahue

old, blue industrial double-doors with icicles on snowy overhang

Icy Old Shop

Icy entrance to the old Nokomis Mill Shop. Photo: David Skarjune

curving wooden railings with snow-capped posts on a sunny day


The wooden railings had snow-topped posts, like frozen whitecaps above a sea of snow. Photo: David Skarjune

snow-capped evergreens along side tan house with a snowy yard

Snow-capped Evergreens

Snow-capped evergreens looking very fluffy. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

empty chair frames and table on patio covered with almost a foot of snow

Waiting for Spring

Two backyard chairs waiting for Spring. Photo: Julie Smith

front of bungalow house at night with bright porch lights with snow

Bungalow at Night

1920s double bungalow shines its foyer lights brightly. Photo: Helen Miller

Snowy path into a grove of bare trees on a gray day

Into the Woods

Path into Seven Oaks Oval after snow. Photo: Dave MacCallum

red-headed woodpecker atop a bare wooden pole

Drumming Away

This Pileated Woodpecker pecked away on utility poles along my walk. Photo: Brian Donahue

red signs in window, one a red heart, another reads Love Your Neighbor, with red branches in a snow mound in foreground

Hey Neighbor

Passed a Dozen Red Roses special sign on East Lake, later this on the Ave. Photo: David Skarjune

two motorcycles covered in show, one has american flag design on tank

Ready to Ride?

A couple motorcycles covered in snow is an attention getter! Photo: Carri Musil

long set of bleachers covered in show with a snow-covered field in foreground and bungalow houses and trees in background

Team Winter

Minnehaha Academy field bleachers remain untouched during rebuild… Photo: Liza Davitch and Marina Souladze

Tiled entryway floor with number 3004 in it, plus snow in the foreground

3004 Days of Winter

3004 Days … or so it seems. Photo: Helen Miller

Rears of three small sedans covered in snow in a snowy lot

Snowhere Bound

This backlot of used cars are hibernating blanketed in snow. Photo: David Skarjune

Smiling man with snowblower blowing snow over a fence

Kind Neighbor

A ‘kind neighbor’ does some cleanup work with his snowblower… Photo Credit: Brian Donahue

Fashion Queen

Fashions come and go and reflect the pulse of Lake Street.

Photo: David Skarjune

house with gingerbread look and ice cicles

Fairy Tale Ice Land

Something about the colors of this house, the icicles at what looked like measured intervals…quite beautiful… Photo: Carri Musil

table of various pastries with golden brown crusts and white icing on some

Pastry Goodness

In winter these pastries look all the more appealing. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Gray and white patterns in closeup of snow

Roof Patterns

Morning light accentuates the alternating bands of ice and snow. Photo: Jane Strauss

Green neon sign with engine-shaped smiley and words KEEP YOUR ENGINE HAPPY

A WARM Engine Is A HAPPY Engine

Starr Automotive adds a cheery grin on these cold and snowy winter days.

Photo: Helen Miller

Back of a person with hooded, long winter coat walking a dog on a snow path with bare trees on a gray day

On the Move

Folks and dogs gear up to keep moving in winter.

Photo: Dave MacCallum

Small crowd in dim lounge watching spotlighted three-piece band with big letters MPLS on wall of small stage

Free Music

The Shackletons kick off their Free Music Wednesdays at the Hook and Ladder Lounge. Photo: Brian Donahue

Tall mounds of snow with an inverted shop cart sticking out against a blue sky

Mount Cub

Little mountains of snow rise in back of the grocery parking lot. Photo: David Skarjune