old stuffed couch and sofa next to sidewalk with mural on building in background

Spring Cleaning

Curbside eye candy for this upholsterer. Photo: Helen Miller

man sitting against a big tree trunk and playing guitar next to flooding waters of a creek

The Trails Ends Here

At the end of the trail was a local musician jamming away on his guitar… Photo: Brian Donahue

The words "UNIVERSAL ACADEMY" backlit at night in the dark.

Longfellow Universe

Universal Academy at night appears as some sci-fi entryway in my imagination.

Photo: David Skarjune 

two small yard lights glowing in the dark over matted yard

The Reappearance of Lights

It’s never felt so wonderful to see the garden lights glowing… Photo: Carri Musil

tall stone arch doorway with colorful sidewall mosaic of children and urban scenes

Mosaic Tile Fun

A colorful mosaic greets students as they enter the school… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

bare tree and sky reflected in large puddle on sidewalk.

Paintings in Puddles

Seen walking around my neighborhood today. Photo:  Roxanne Dunlop

looking across an empty street intersection to a Dairy Queen building with a few people and puffy white clouds overhead


Clouds float above Dairy Queen like soft serve… Photo: Helen Miller

Little purple and white Spring Scilla blossoms with narrow green leaves atop shriveled brown leaves


Spring flowers and fall leaves. Photo: Dave MacCallum

snowman detailed with black buttons and an orange triangle nose, with b yellow sign with arrow and couple walking in background

Frosty Spring

The snowman chuckled as I passed, “ah, spring in Minnesota”… Photo: Brian Donahue

Composite of four photographs showing views of pine tree trunks broken and sawed in the snow surrounded by scattered pine branches and pine needles in the snow.

Tall Pine Split

Winds gusting 50 mph snapped a tall pine… Photo: David Skarjune

street scene at night with colorful window lights and a glowing TOWN TALK DINER sign

Lights On

Love seeing the lights on at night. Photo: Carri Musil

looking out a window with translucent green, yellow, and blue tapestries in upper pane and a statue silhouette of a figure with outstretched limbs in a wheel shape

Ahhh Yoga

Peace and relaxation on a dreary Saturday. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Group of fourteen people behind a large cloth sign for MIDTOWN FARMERS MARKET plus a smiley face atop a human-size orange carrot

Move In Day

Volunteers move Market supplies to new Moon Palace Books location… Photo: Katie Simon-Dastych

store window with globes stuffed monkey on an old suitcase surrounded by small knickknacks with racks of clothing in the background

Time Bomb Moves

Vintage dealers assembling their new shop on East Lake Street… Photo: Helen Miller

layered rock face with green moss across the middle and brown oak leaves at the bottom

Moss in the Sunrise

Moss, rock and leaf layers on the river bluff. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Shelf of old knick knacks including a Charlie Brown doll, cereal boxes, mugs on a shelf under a yellow lamp

Bomb’s Away

Time Bomb Vintage shelves are getting packed up & moved… Photo: Brian Donahue

Bed of multi-colored pansies in a bed along sidewalk and streetscape with flags overhead and pink and blue ribbons hang overhead in trees

East Lake Pansies

Planting pansies is an annual rite of spring. Photo: David Skarjune

Strings of round white lights hang from a tree at night


Spring’s first warm evening with beautiful outdoor illumination… Photo: Carri Musil

backside of person sitting in a lawn chair next to a fire pit with smoldering log sections

Backyard Chillin’

My neighbor with her dog and a cozy fire… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Pale orange sunset sky with clouds over dark houses and trees

Sunset Tonight

Taken from the lower trail of the parkway. Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Rainy residential street with blurry drops on camera lens

First Tinge of Color

Going to be a very pretty block in a few days… Photo: Helen Miller

White building wall holding a horned cow skull between two dark blue windows with a small metal smokestack on the roofline under a blue sky

Horns of Longfellow

Special touch on this remodeled garage, now a two-story ADU. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Long line of people standing outside a park building with bare trees around them

Get in Line

The line at Sea Salt grows deep on warm evenings… Photo: Brian Donahue

man dressed in black pants Tshirt and baseball cap standing next to a classic tall two-wheeled bicycle in front of a large red metal container box

Minnehaha Bone Shaker

Classic bicycle in the former Minnehaha Falls Nursery now One on One bikes… Photo: David Skarjune

group of people from behind standing outdoors under trees next to a shed with blue barrel

Urban Farmers

Hopeful gardeners gather for orientation on urban farming… Photo: Carri Musil

closeup of powder blue flowers with 6 long petals and plump green ovaries

Blue Bloomers

Blue Squill is the most lovely blue flower of spring. Photo: Robin Lietz

blue and black motorcycle parked inside a showroom

Blue Beastie

Dream machine. Photo: Helen Miller

white and black toy pony on a lawnscape


Whimsical addition to a front yard. Photo: Dave MacCallum