Four glasses of cider colored pale straw to light red with bottles and background out of focus with bar and people

Cider House Rules

Sampling the array of ciders… Photo: Brian Donahue

hosts and potted flowers with four small USA flags, glass globes and a cement statue of little girl in garden

No Fireworks

Just a little patriotism on the block. Photo: David Skarjune

soiled hands with red-stained fingers holding some blackberries

Berry Picking

Dowling Community Garden. Photo: Carri Musil

blue lanterns hanging amidst greenery with portion of a house in background

Blue Lanterns

Lanterns coordinated with house trim stand out… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

bright light green desk and chair in sun next to a white garage in shade

Alley Fruit

Not the only fruit down this alley… Photo: Helen Miller

two-story house under construction with Tyvek wrap on walls with silver foil trim on new windows on dirt lot with scrub weeds

Coming Attraction

New house in the ‘hood under construction. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Gray building with mural depicting a diversity of faces in an abstracted flag design with red , white, and blue colors

Aikido All Day

Aikido focuses on harmonizing with opponent. (East Lake Aikido) Photo: Brian Donahue

man in shorts with red shopping bag crossing street with ACME industrial building in background and bright blue sky

ACME Available

In Longfellow since ’31, Acme is ready to vacate operation… Photo: David Skarjune

fat yellow and black bee on violet flowers with green foilage

Busy Bee

This bee was so busy pollinating… Photo: Carri Musil

Crafted stack of floral china teacups and creamer in a garden setting with a basket of pink impatiens

Tea Cups a Spillin’

The charm of this well-curated yard. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Dark metal superstructure over river

Crew View

Under the Short Line Railroad Bridge. Photo: René V. Rosengren

orange daylily petals scattered on a wet pavement in the rain

Daylily under Deluge

Blossom caught in evening rainstorm. Photo: Helen Miller

park bench from behind in a green field with a person laying flat on the bench

Sleeping Rough

Early morning in the park. Photo: Dave MacCallum

tan-colored dog with hanging tongue and backpack in foreground with a black and a white dog with people in the background

Dog Days of Summer

Quality off-leash time in the dog park. Photo: Brian Donahue

Ilhan for Congress blue and white lawn sign amidst green foilage with tan house and window in background

Still Standing

Lawn sign from 2016 election. Photo: David Skarjune

two people riding bicycles on the street scene from behind some distance away

Sunset Bike Ride

Kids enjoying their bikes… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

big white and black dog standing on a large chess board with white and black playing pieces

Game Over

But puppy still wanted to play… Photo: Jane Strauss

hand reaching into picture to pick a red berry under large green leaves

Raspberry Season

Always a better one way back there. Photo: Helen Miller

Lots of children and a few adults in a wading pool on a sunny day

Summer Cool

Great place to chill out on a hot afternoon… Photo: Brian Donahue

Pale gray clouds over two houses and a tall tree with some sun shining through

Mammatus Clouds

Mammatus Clouds over Longfellow. Photo: Carri Musil

A single bee on an orange flower against green foilage

Flowers and Bees

Bees are enjoying the abundance of nectar. Photo: Julie Smith

Several cottony thistle heads in foreground, with a man and a woman jogging in background along parkway

Thistle Fluff

Gone to seed, looks soft, but leaves sharp… Photo: Helen Miller

pale yellow bench on stonework with bushes, green field and trees

Beckoning Bench

Beautifully tended bench and garden. Photo: Dave MacCallum

rred and yellow flowers with green foilage and white picket fence in background

Geraniums and petunias in my window box.  Photo: Roxanne Dunlop