Person at the door of a closed storefront with a faded sign painted overhead on bricks reading MAC'S CLEANERS & ...

Denny’s Back to Mac’s

Diner finds Denny’s is closed at Mac’s corner. Photo: David Skarjune

woman with two hula hoops on grass with some tree trunks

Dancing Hula Hoops

…while listening to the wonderful Music in the Parks. Photo: Carri Musil

metal palm trees with green fronds and red trunks against real trees and blue sky

Tropical Paradise

Heat and humidity has grown this atop East Lake… Photo: David Skarjune

a female mannequin head with a crown

Crowned Diva

Cheapo Queen has been disposed.

Photo: René V. Rosengren

Bright red fully bloomed zinnia with yellow pistil

Beautiful Zinnias

Zinnias are looking as beautiful as ever. Photo: Nancy Schauff

white archway with pergolas as entrance to a large flower garden

Flowers Elevated

Morning walk above Highway 55… Photo: Brian Donahue

young woman sitting atop an inflatable kids play course with an arch overhead and sign reading Adrenaline Rush: The Next Generation

The Next Generation

Fun for kids at the big Corn Feed… Photo: David Skarjune

black and white dog sitting behind a wooden wall of see-through hexagonal planters with seating in the background

Pup & Parklet

Savory Bake House has a lovely new Parklet… Photo: René V. Rosengren

Bald man on a black motorcycle with a golden retriever dog sitting in a crate on the back seat

Addy’s Ride

Addy the friendly pup rides passenger. Photo: Liza Davitch

Closeup of hops buds with green leaves

Community Hops

Exploring the several varieties of hops… Photo: Brian Donahue

red and tan butterfly with black lacing atop bright orange flower with green leaves in background

Matching Efforts

This Mexican sunflower and monarch butterfly combine powerfully… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

looking up a trapezoidal cement spire with blue light at the top illuminating a wood paneled ceiling

Celestial View

Inside chapel spire at new Minnehaha Academy building… Photo: Dave MacCallum

Tall gray grain elevators receding against a blue sky towering over a bungalow house in front

Standing Tall

A house competes for light next to towering silos… Photo: Brian Donahue

looking up at yellow sunflowers against a deep blue sky

Sunny Skies

Sunflowers give a super sunny overhead view… Photo: David Skarjune

kids play around a large cardboard castle in a green field surround by hills and trees in the background

Cardboard Camp

House of Hart castle during Adventures in Cardboard Summer Camp… Photo: Hillary Oppmann

two people ride bicycles on a bike path past a wooden sign reading "WEST RIVER PARKWAY" along with a Stop sign in the foreground

Typical Trail Scene

Bike riders along West River Parkway… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

empty dirt lot with houses on both sides and across the street

New Home Arriving

Tearing down one home and building another… Photo: Julie Smith

green perennial garden plants with mulch between a wooden fence and lawn

Rain Garden

Newly planted rain garden in a backyard. Photo: Hillary Oppmann

tan stucco bungalow house with a pair of decorative columnar brick chamois

Chimney Pots

Unusually styled chimney for Minneapolis. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Long single-story white industrial building with large white on dark gray signage across the top reading: HIAWATHA LUMBER CO. with other faded lettering

Wood Stock

Hiawatha Lumber has provided wood that built many Longfellow homes… Photo: Brian Donahue

a flock of geese soar high over tall white grain mills in a blue sky against a single white cloud, railroad crossing sign in foreground on left corner of photograph


Flock of geese swirling with the gusty currents… Photo: David Skarjune

saxophone player in white shirt, jeans, and straw hat playing in the dark as a woman looks on in the foreground and three people clap hands along in the background

Sax Jam

Jamming with the audience at Minnehaha Park Bandstand… Photo: David Skarjune

storefront with green and white stripped awning, white cast iron cafe table and chairs, and a pink and yellow sign reading "Open, All are welcome"

Cool Little Shops

Charming storefront shops with great curb appeal. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk