Faded sign on blue wall reading "SHAVE AND HAIRCUT 2 BITS" next to a glass door with a sign reading "Se Habla Español,"

Old Meets New

Two signs on an old East Lake business. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Nighttime scene on wet roadway with gleaming yellow streetlamps, and a faint image of a figure with an umbrella overhead in the rain

Rain Man

Capping off a rainy day with more rain… Photo: Brian Donahue

window display of monster toys next to a red, white and blue batting helmet with TC logo

Godzilla Twins

Godzilla and Twins trending at Nostalgia Zone… Photo: David Skarjune

Looking through green-leafed tree limbs to the river with bits of yellow and orange color on some trees in the distance

Glimpse of Color

Stopped raining long enough for a glimpse of leaves turning… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Dozens of brightly colored plastic sticks with colored heads

Pretty Nail Options

Fun display of nail polish at Daisy Nails. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

window display of human skeleton amidst an array of fabric samples

Fabrics to Die For

Seasonal window dressing. Photo: René V. Rosengren

Paper-thin green pods glow in bright sunlight on a lush green plant

Where’s the Party?

Chinese lanterns still green and hiding underneath vegetation… Photo: Michele Jansen

white coaster bicycle hanging under a dark gray metal superstructure under a bridge

Ghost Ride

A ghost bike hangs under the Short Line bridge… Photo: Brian Donahue

mostly seated movie theater with lights on and a light beaming from the back projection booth

Geek Show

Getting ready for MinneDemo at the Riverview. Photo: David Skarjune

hexagonal wooden structures and picnic table tops against a blue tarp with some snow and wetness on top

Wooden Hexagons

Bombarded by snow flurries & freezing… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Looking up river on a cloudy day with trees colored from green to yellow to orange along the banks

Yep, It’s Happening

Dramatic change in the foliage on the Mississippi River… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Blue-colored tall wooden boxes with "pollinate" on the side behind a fenced enclosure

Keeping the Bees Safe

Pollinate Minnesota project in Longfellow. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Crew rowing in a long low boat on the river with fall color trees on banks in background

Fall Crew

UMN Crew team gets some practice… Photo: Brian Donahue

silhouette of figure standing on a single leg with leg outstretched backwards and arm outstretched forward against a setting sun framed by two telephone posts and lines

Urban Human Sunset

Dancer with Don’t You Feel It Too? photo: David Skarjune

Orange horizon behind shadowy trees.

Sunrise Pending

Surrounded by trees and pending sunrise in Minnehaha Park… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Aged brown upholstered settee with a pair of small floral prints and pair of red toy trucks in a driveway

Free to a Good Home

Trash as someone else’s treasure… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Two boys with a wagon of pumpkins with a man and lots of orange pumpkins around them

Holiday Shopping

Finding the perfect pumpkins at Mother Earth’s “pumpkin patch”… Photo: Jane Strauss

front of parked red car covered with small yellow leaves on a street with autumn trees in background

New Fall Coat

Tiny yellow leaves are everywhere… Photo: Michele Jansen

Cloudy sunset colors in sky over a lot with tables of produce

Packing Up

Farmers packing up as sun set on Midtown Farmers Market… Photo: Hillary Oppmann

Storefront windows with signage above reading MIGIZI with a logo graphic of geometric shapes


Migizi means bald eagle in the Ojibwe language… Photo: Brian Donahue

Maple leaves colored yellow to orange to red against a deep blue sky

Peak Color

Every shade of yellow to orange to red. Photo: David Skarjune

Orange horizon behind trees

Time is Precious

First hard frost in Longfellow. Enjoy now… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

brown bag with pile of leaves and rake in a yard

Fall Leaf Raking

The unending deluge of falling leaves… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Wooden wall outside a storefront with 4008 spray-painted in black with gold GILDA sign above


Two Bettys’ new neighbor.  Photo: Rene Rosengren

A skeleton atop a lamppost in front of a two-story brick house with skeletons climbing up the wall

Skeletal Climbers

Up the house of a whimsical Longfellow resident… Photo: Martin Schub

Line of young people walking on a sidewalk across a street with a House of Sleep building on the corner and painted crosswalk in the foreground

The Road to Learning

Students heading to Hiawatha Collegiate High School. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Brick wall with painting of arched fork with a pickle on the end, and a truck parked in foreground

Forkbridge and Pickle

Mural by local artist Nancy Hylden. Photo: Brian Donahue

Carved pumpkin head hanging with a ghost effigy on a shadowy wooden porch

Jack o’ Ghost

Last rays of day before spirits arise. Photo: David Skarjune