Human hand on wood pieces next to a large steel circular saw


Making a pivoting block for dog training class. Location: Cooper Neighborhood Photo: … READ MORE

night scene with streetlamp light shining through a tree of yellowed leaves

Glowing Tree

…from the light of the street lamp. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Young person on a skateboard in a skate park with a black dog

Practice Makes Perfect

Boy practices on skateboard with canine counterpart… Photo: Michele Jansen

street scene with foreground in shadows and tall white tower in sunlight on horizon under blue sky

Glowing Mill

ADM Mill tower shines in the sunrise. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Two-story, four-square, white clapboard house with gray roof and black window trim

Win This House

This Scandinavian-inspired house is being given away… Photo: Brian Donahue

black leather mitten on a steel post next to a narrow tree trunk against blue sky

Mitt You

Missing a mitten? Photo: David Skarjune

Looking through bare tree branches to a river scene with dam in distance

Clear View

It will be clear like this for a while now… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Orange glow on horizon in a black sky with tree silhouettes


Overlooking West River Parkway. Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Flags Unfurled

Above the American Legion on Veterans Day… Photo: Michele Jansen

wide view of running waterfall with surrounding icy walls in mostly blue shadow with some sunlight on the right side

It’s Happening

Icicles beginning to form on Minnehaha Falls… Photo: Brian Donahue

glowing grassy heads on thin stalks backlight in gold light framed by a tree trunk silhouette on left side

Golden Grains

Boulevard grasses stand out in sunshine… Photo: David Skarjune

frilly pink and white cone-shaped flowers hanging down on green stems

Still Trying

Despite the challenging weather… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

large reel of orange tubing on leaf-covered boulevard next to street

Big Orange Roll

Fiber cable seen around the ‘hood… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

two bungalow houses with front yard features as described

Longfellow Front Yards

Common characteristics of many Longfellow front yards are… Photo: Jane Strauss

black bike with blue fender aprons that has front wheel on a gray rack that stretches back with some other pikes in the distances

Still Time to Ride

Pedal-assist ebikes are part of Nice Ride… Photo: Michele Jansen

Tall golden tan grasses in a field with bare trees in the background

Autumn Gold

Boulevard grasses on a foggy morning. Photo: Dave MacCallum

storefront window lights across a street in the evening with trails of car lights streaming across the picture

Bienvenidos Estudiantes

New Spanish Immersion Daycare & Preschool on Minnehaha… Photo: Brian Donahue

Signage next to tree trunk and building for Church with Holiday Boutique announcement

Happy Boutiques

Holiday bazaars are opportunities to #ShopLocal. Photo: David Skarjune

Ice crystals in foreground with blue sky and sunrise colors in background

Icy Morning

My window was frozen… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

holiday trimmings with red bows on a white fence with brick house in background

Christmas Fence Decor

Early Christmas decorations bring holiday cheer… Photo: Michelle van Kuijk

Small white shack with a half moon shape cut out of door behind a white picket fence in a field of brown leaves with trees in background

Half Moon Outhouse

With winter coming, would be a cold trip… Photo: Sue Romain

White sign with blue lettering that reads DON'S Leather Cleaning

Ghost Sign

Underneath Don’s sign is a ghost of Bridgeman’s… Photo: Michele Jansen

Street scene with several young people in yellow safety vests and orange flags

Safe Crossings

Howe Elementary crossing guards at work. Photo: Dave MacCallum

snowy scene at night under streetlamps with house in background and treelimbs in foreground

Got Shovel?

Reminded I never replaced my broken shovel… Photo: Brian Donahue

Lit-up santa yard statue with green and yellow candelsticks and a smaller nutcracker statue

Santa Sighting

Ol’ Saint Nick upon a Longfellow lawn on Thanksgiving. Photo: David Skarjune

Nightscape with house in distance decorated with purplish holiday lights

Season of Darkness

We don’t know light without it… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

glowing golden brown maple leaf oon a tan slight with faint bubbles

Remnant of Autumn

Frozen in between snow bursts… Photo: Jane Strauss