caramel brown muffins on a breadboard on a granite counter withwooden cookbook stand and apple-shaped wooden napkin holder.

Old & New

In with the New kitchen crafts… Photo: David Skarjune

Shadow of a bare tree on bluish colored snow with black fence outline in background

Night Shadow

Location: Howe neighborhood What could be more compelling on a Friday night … READ MORE

riverside scene with snow-covered bank with buoy on it's side, with sunlit bridge over river

Oh Buoy

Mississippi River… Photo: René V. Rosengren

three-story red brick building from corner view

Minnehaha Commons

at the old Poodle/McMahon’s corner… Photo: Jane Strauss

dark rooftop with brick chimney and shiny metal stack against a deep blue sky

Cozy Winter Morning

…our neighbors are nice & warm. Photo: Chris Balck

snow-covered patio outside yellow stone building with yellow stone bench and two plastic geodesic domes behind a black iron fence

Winter Patio Dining

Year-round in the Bold North… Photo: Sue Romain

bare christmas tree leaning against a white clapboard garage in a snow-covered alley

End of Holidays

Taking down the tree… Photo: Michele Jansen

winter scene along parkway with street sign & bare trees

Yarn Bomb

How do knitted items end up on poles? Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

three young people ice skating, middle skater on toes

Ice Capades

Local skaters practice their moves… Photo: David Skarjune

snow-covered dried flower heads on stems on a blank whitish backbround

Snow Catchers

Fresh snow in the garden… Photo: Chris Balck

McDonald's restaurant outside at night with bright yellow lights and M-shaped arches atop red and white sign

Warm Lighting

On a cold night… Photo: Sue Romain

two men in white cherry pickers working on telephone pole wiring against a bright blue sky

Longfellow Linemen

Even in below zero windchill… Photo: David Skarjune

bare trees in a snowstorm

Cheers to Winter

The big snow storm… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

two snow shovels leaning against wood steps and porch covered in snow

Shovels Waiting

Long weekend ahead… Photo: Julie Smith

Snowy night scene of bus stop lit by streetlights and car lights with retail signs in background

Long Nights

…at this deserted bus stop… Photo: Jane Strauss

Very big tree with bare limbs in winter, with a smaller looking single-story house behind it

Giant Backyard Elm

appears huge in winter… Photo: Sue Romain

Snowy parking lot at night with an orange food truck under a street light with a person ordering at the truck window, and a red and white FALLS LIQUOR sign next to it

Snow Falls

Stepping out to the food truck… Photo: Brian Donahue

animal tracks atop a snow-covered sidewalk

Midnight Tracks

…each morning after the snow. Photo: David Skarjune

gray twilight scene of city street with glowing yellow-orange storefront lights down the street in background

Lights and Snow

There is beauty in winter… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

View of construction site with cars in a parking lot, low buildings, and a tall red construction crane

Midtown Corner

Construction on a multi-use complex…
(click to see full panorama)
Photo: Jane Strauss

night scene of a two-story corner storefront building with interior and exterior lights glowing yellow


The warm glow… Photo: Chris Balck

woman standing next to a single story building with a mural of an abstract landscape with a field of green globe shapes with bird silhouettes flying in a blue sky under a yellow sun

Megan Moore

LoLa artist mural at Minnehaha Scoop…

Flock of geese flying over snow-covered railroad tracks with a gray-blue sky and buildings on both skies and tall electric poles in background

Good for the Gander

…on tracks behind Longfellow Station… Photo: Brian Donahue

A Tale of Two Walks

…during this challenging winter… Photo: Michele Jansen

receding gray sidewalk dusted with snow and footprints in a winter urban landscape

Morning Dust

…with people and pet tracks… people and pet tracks.