Blue building with the word BOX on it surrounded by snow

Belle’s Blue Building

…open occasional Saturdays in winter… Photo:  Rene Rosengren

railroad car with some color graffiti in front of a long yellow stone building labeled MINEAPPLIS SEED COMPANY with a tall grain elevator against a blue sky

Seeds of Growth

…at the old Minneapolis Seed Company… Photo: Robin Lietz

red tandem bicycle missing one seat and one handlebars leaning against a lamppost in deep snow with brush and houses in the background on a sunny day

Frozen for Two

…in the winterscape… Photo: David Skarjune

snowy night scene of park bench facing bridge lights with reflections on the water.

Peaceful Lights

…lining the Ford Bridge…. Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Tall bare trees in a snowy landscape at twilight with a small full moon just above the horizon in a clear blue-gray sky

Waxing Moon

Almost full tonight… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Sunlight church constructed of red brick, stone, and glass with a tall bell tower and spire on the left side.

Big and Little

Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church, Photo: Jane Strauss

Large bare tree partially frosted in a winter park landscape

Frosty Morning

…at Giggly Hills… Photo: Chris Balck

Red and white yield traffic sign with S 36th Av and E 36 St street signs with an intersection in the background with a traffic circle of yellow posts and diamond-shaped reflective signs

Traffic Circle

What’s up with this…? Photo: Sue Romain

back of woman in brown leather winter coat standing in aisle of Valentine's Day cards and gifts with helium balloons overhead and Dollar Tree signage on the wall

Dollar Valentine

for balloons and bargains. Photo: David Skarjune

older woman with black glasses and red sweater sitting in a sofa chair holding a medium-sized piece of paper with artworks and words

Artist Anita White

with her Sleep Journal… photos: Skarjune & Jansen

Wide one-story tan brick building with a low sloping roof at wintertime on a city corner

Mid-Century Modern

Bread of Life Church, Photo: Jane Strauss

bright yellow light shining through bare tree branches and snow flurries in the night sky

Winter Storm

… illuminated the falling snow … Photo: Chris Balck

backyard scene in winter with tree and garage backlit by bright sun

Sunshine and Snow

…especially welcome today… Photo: Sue Romain

black outlines of bare trees near and far backlight by sun in a winter landscape

Sunny Silhouette

…oak trees in bright sun… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

faint animal tracks across fresh snow with a wooden fence in background

Rabbit Tracks

…grace perfect snow… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Sunrise through bare trees in a winter landscape

Morning Sun

… gaining strength daily … Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Blue and white shed-shaped box on a pole with colorful painting to look like a small house with "Anne's Library" over the doorway

Anne’s Library

…is a bit craftier than others… Photo: Jane Strauss

Tall see-through rocket-shaped metal sculpture with yellow fins on a red pole with guy-wires against a blue sky.

Blast Off

in “Rocket Park” … Photo: Chris Balck

Large park pavilion with red roofs in the winter

Wabun Waits

… for the thaw … Photo: Sue Romain

large pile of tree brush in front of a garage and a cherry picker truck in background with two tall limbless tree trunks

Spring Pruning

Location: 30xx 34th Avenue South A Longfellow resident is completing the arduous … READ MORE

Two-story orange brick school building fronted by a wooden planter box with a pumpkin placard on it in a sunny winter scene

Sunny Morning

… a glimmer of hope … Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Receding row of curving triangular metal loops next to a sidewalk in winter on a gray day

Functional Sculpture

Bike racks with a dual nature. Photo: Dave MacCallum