White corner church building with three-story tower, but no steeple

Charming Older Church

Iglesia De Dios Tabernáculo Consejero Fiel… Photo: Jane Strauss

sidewalk and steps to school building with American flag flying against a blue sky

 Voting Day

Longfellow Alternative High School. Photo: Sue Romain

A man and two children bundled in winter clothes reflected in a large puddle of water with a park building in the background

Sea Melt

…mirror reflection of Sea Salt… Photo: Brian Donahue

A group of nine people sitting or standing around a dining table with yellow papers in their hands

Trelawny Shout

on St Piran’s Day at the pub… Photo: David Skarjune

tall white building by night lights

Nighttime Elevators

…on a calm and warm night… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Looking up to a blue sky through silhouettes of bare tree branches with a nearly full moon against faint clouds

Spring Moon Waxing

…and might be an early Spring…Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

reflective puddle of water on dirt next to brown grass and low snow mounds with a park building in the background

Hockey is Over

…at Longfellow Park as ice rink melts… Photo: Sue Romain

three long blue large snaking pipes run from foreground to background over grass along a parkway

Totally Tubular

Metro Council Environmental Services at work… Photo: Brian Donahue

A runner in sky blue jacket and black clothes seen from behind on a cement trail divided with a white line with black fencing and signage beneath a bright blue sky over bare trees

Bit o’ Blue

…bursting out on the Greenway. Photo: David Skarjune

Facing the Sun

Bungalow row in late-day sun. Photo: Michele Jansen

large two-story brick building with a tall tower, both rectangular shapes, against a clear full blue sky

Christ Church Lutheran

…is a National Historic Landmark in the Longfellow… Photo: Jane Strauss

an aisle of mostly empty shelves in a store, with a few toilet paper packages and some paper towel packages and some people at the end of the aisle

Empty Shelves

..as people prepare… Photo: Karen Grimm

Interior lights from a house cast a yellow reflection on a wet street at night

Rainy Night in City

Quiet night at my corner… photo: David Skarjune

shadow of a fence with lattice work on a sidewalk with some brown grass along side

Sidewalk Shadows

…outside in the sun—finally… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

empty street corner intersection with storefront buildings and overhead red stoplight

Ghost Town

…no traffic nor cars parked… Photo: Jane Strauss

stone walkway along creek with people sitting on a bench and a stone bridge over creek in background

Lower Glen Path

Walking with social distancing… Photo: Sue Romain

young green sprouts in the ground with mulched twigs and leaves

First Sprouts

Are these crocuses or tulips? Photo: David Skarjune

squirrel eating behind branches with dark red berries

Crabby Squirrel

taking advantage of the fruit… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

five frosted muffins and four baked buns on metal wire cooling racks on granite

Bake at Home

…a Stay at Home option… Photo: David Skarjune

bright green pointy sprouts coming out of the ground with brown leaves and plant stems

Early Tulip

as gardens are waking up… Photo: Jane Strauss

rusty bright orange metal sculpture in a backyard glowing under sun rays against a red brick wall

Ornamental Plow

…as warm weather and garden days approach… Photo: Chris Balck

bright red blossoms on long slender tree limbs against a wooden fence, blue house, and blue sky

Signs of Spring

Never knew maple trees bloomed… Photo: Sue Romain