Sidewalk with chalk hearts with words in them.

Things to Do

Walk, Movie Night, Card Games & more… Photo: David Skarjune

bare trees in a park on a gray day

Gray Color

We all have those days… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

man and young boy on bicycles on a city street posed for the camera on a sunny day

Out for Exercise

Location: 34xx East 31st Street One allowable reason for leaving the home … READ MORE

Round natural shelf in treet trunk with stones and a shell with water and small fishes

Open Hands

accepting any gifts or maybe offering… Photo: Chris Balck

Bicyclist with fluorescent yell-green jacket and helmet on a parkway street with orange safety cones in the middle of the roadway

River Road Safety

Cars, walkers, and bikers spread out… Photo: Sue Romain

bicyclists going down a parkway road next to orange traffic cones down the middle of the roadway

Pedestrians Only

…on northbound West River Parkway… Photo: Brian Donahue

small purple blossoms with one yellow blossom against gray rocks and brown mulch

Small Blossoms

…big bursts of color… Photo: David Skarjune

fading sunset on horizon in a darkening city street

Sunsets Matter

It’s the little things… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Painted artistic face design atop a tree stump in grass

Kind Smile

Kindness rock in the boulevard. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Snow-topped evergreen bushes in a sculpted front-yard garden

Garden a la Japonais

with a sparkle of April snow… Photo: Jane Strauss

colorful jelly beans in snow

Easter Hangover

What a day… Photo: Chris Balck

So-called cherry picker truck working on a tree in an urban yard on a sunny day

Tree Trimming

High-tech tree trimming was amazing… Photo: Sue Romain

large tilting snowman on a city street next to a grassy boulevard with somewhat snowy lawns and houses in the background

The Iceman Cometh

with a late season snow… Photo: Robin Lietz

Signage on a glass storefront door: Open Every Day Noon to Six with a placard reading Closed above it, a colorful poster of a scooter for AMERIVESPA


…Land of 10K Scoots… Photo: David Skarjune

dirt trail through a forest of bare trees on a sunny day

On the Trail

Winter has just walked out… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

person from behind looking over a backyard wooden privacy fence up to a wooden treehouse platform

Bird’s-eye View

Enchanting treehouse to sit or lie & contemplate… Photo: Julie Smith

Green space behind paved path with green direction signs with a row of tents against a line of evergreen trees in the background

On the Edge

Camp Quarantine offers safe shelter for the homeless… Photo: Sue Romain

chalk art on cement sidewalk with a colorful earth globe, red heart, and the words: Love Your Mother

Love Your Mother

…as Earth Day turns fifty… Photo: Robin Lietz

Dried grass, leaves, and stems on the ground with a few dark holes embedded

Spring Dig

Is it home for some critter…? Photo: Michele Jansen

View of a river reflecting blue sky with tall thin horizontal lines of bare tree .imbs

View of the Gorge

Beautiful day to enjoy the sun… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Theater marquee at night reading "Guys, I'm eating junk and watching Rubbish! -Kevin" under RIVERVIEW white lights

Popcorn to Go

Virtual Cinema & Popcorn to Go! Riverview Theater

Bright green well-trimmed shrubery in front of a 1-1/2 story gray clapboard house

Oriental Spring

What a difference 2 weeks makes… Photo: Jane Strauss

bright yellowish green leaves and large cone of buds

Ready to Pop

Magnolia tree after needed rain… Photo: Chris Balck

Young yellow leaf opening with out of focus tree branches in background

Life Goes On

Maple tree leaves are sprouting… Photo: Sue Romain

Colorful storefont door and windows with sign painted on door window reading SWING IN BY APPT

Swing In

Time to redecorate? By appointment… Photo: Brian Donahue

GLowing orange-yellow tulips with greenery in sunlight

Glowing Tulips

A sure sign of spring… Photo: Michele Jansen