Large oval round of bright red. orange, yellow, and pink tulips

Awash in Color

May in Longfellow. Photo: Susan Purdie

pink heart-shaped blossoms hanging by thin stems from a branch with out of focus brown and green background

Bleeding Hearts

Spring must be here. Photo: Sue Romain

green parkway with several young people sitting and laying on colorful hammocks strung between tree trunks

Mocking It

A beautiful day with friends… Photo: Robin Lietz

side by side photographs of two women shopping in a nursery on a sunny day while wearing masks, and the woman on the right has a blue wagon full of plants

Garden Safe

Mother Earth is open… Photo: David Skarjune

Grassy hill with yellow sunlight on the tops with trees and blue sky in background

Grass Hill

Oak Savannah off Winchell Trail… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Long row of tall colorful tulips along a sidewalk with much greenery with houses in background

Color Explosion

Flower bed along a sidewalk. Photo: Dave MacCallum

colorful arty graffiti with tags over checkerboard patterns along bottom panel of an old brown brick building

Street Art

Is it sanctioned…? Photo: Jane Strauss

white blossoms hanging down from a green leafy branch with an out of focus background

Not Blue Yet

The blueberries are coming. Photo: Chris Balck

heavily white and pink blossomed trees along a street boulevard

Makes Scents to Me

Flowering crabapple trees… Photo: Robin Lietz

computer monitor with a grid of 16 small screens with one or more people in each.

The New Normal

Being together, apart… Photo: Hillary Oppmann

purple and yellow cone-shaped flower closeup with fuzzy background of streetscape

Lovely Lupine

Manhattan Lights Lupine adorns boulevard. Photo: Chris Balck

laptop computer in foreground with dark screen showing panels of faces. a glass of what looks like white wine next to it, against a window looking out on a bright yard with trees and building

Zoom Zoom

…in the backyard… Photo: Sue Romain

Looking over top of a black iron fence with pointy bars, front yard with green grass and trees, amber colored siding house with porch window showing a mannequin

Security Measures

Jason stands guard… Photo: Brian Donahue

Storefront window with painted sign for HAIRCUTS, with a note posted saying We are not open until June 2nd 8:00 am

Opening Soon?

Barbering begins again… Photo: David Skarjune

three terra cotta flower pots with pink and red flowers along with pale green vines sitting in a red brick ring with brown mulch surrounded by grass and green hostas in the background

Potted Up

All done early this year…

Closeup of two flower bud balls, one large one small stripped with pink, red, and green colors

Ready, Set…

Peonies with 3 stages of bloom… Photo: Jane Strauss

two wooden crosses in grass with large red, white, and blue flag-themed bows in front of a wooden tie retaining wall with

Memorial Day 2020

Thinking of the Veterans Home without visitors… Photo: Chris Balck

Closeup of a pair of yellow flowers with orange-to-brown variegation on lower petals

Iris Sunshine

April showers…May flowers… Photo: Sue Romain

red-haired young woman in a school varsity jacket from behind looking across street a firefighters standing across crime scene tape, watching a fire truck pour water over a burned-out two-story building.

What Was is Gone

Viewing burned-out building on East Lake… Photo: David Skarjune

fuchsia-colored flowers shown close-up in a window box on a front porch with white siding and a black wrought iron railing on a sunny day

Window Boxing

Location: 43rd Avenue South & East 38th Street Getting the window boxes … READ MORE

A gray-haired woman with black glasses wearing a navy blue neckerchief as a face mask faces the camera as in a selfie, with a group of people standing in a social-distanced circel in the background with green boulevard and trees

Block by Block

Neighbors coming together to keep our neighborhood safe… Photo: Katie Simon-Dastych

remains of building with rubble and smoke


Four days after burning… Photo: Jane Strauss