tree trunk with expansive roots with two bungalow houses in background

Towering Tree

This old tree… Photo: Sue Romain

diptych of tall spiraling outdoor sculpture made of stacked layers of iron plates and stones

River Spire

celebrates service men and women… Photo: Brian Donahue

tall columns of green vines with light green buds against a blue sky with some clouds

Sky High

at Longfellow Community Hops. Photo: David Skarjune

multi-colored flowers on tall stalks with bushes, trees, and blue sky in background

Dowling Colors

Dowling Community Garden… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

man riding a bicycle down a street towing a wheeled cart with colorfully decorated box on it

Bicycle Art Cart

Pedal Pusher Gallery with quilt art… Photo: Rene Rosengren

yellow bulb-shaped vegetable hangs atop a vine-covered trellis with a yellow stucco bungalow house in background

Squash your Yard

like charding your yard… Photo: Jane Strauss

two left hands touching side by side with rings on ring finger with a red flower bouquet in background

Longfellow Wedding

Backyard with friends & family… Photo: Chris Balck

deep green pine needles on branches hanging down with blurry background


Under a large pine… Photographer: Sue Romain

early evening scene of outdoor patio behind white fence with flower boxes, tables with bright red umbrellas, yellow lights strung overhead, and two-story brick storefront with lit windows in background

Rice Rice Baby

at Okome House restaurant… Photo: Brian Donahue

blurry image of sunrise over a city street with tree canopy

Golden Light

beaming forward… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Seen overhead, pink tubes curl up out of grass alongside tracks in dirt dusted in pink

Pink Protrusions

via US Internet… Photo: David Skarjune

white teardrop shaped pod with fine hairs on a plant of drying green-to-yellow leaves with purple stems and accents

Plump Pod

Milkweed moving on to fall… Photo: Jane Strauss

slate gray rock faces with stripes of white, brown, and red colors amidst garden ground cover plants

Igneous Intrusion

for a neighborhood garden. Photo: Chris Balck

a green bird seen from behind on a branch with beak on a bright magenta flower with green foliage in background

Lazy Bird

Hummingbird seated while feeding… Photo: Sue Romain

slender bird aloft with wings outstretched with beak going into a violet flower blossom with green leafy background

Savor the Summer

Hummingbirds fuel up… Photo: Robin Lietz

overhead look at branches of leaves colored green, yellow, and orange-red.

Sneak Peak

Fall on it’s way… Photo: Michele Jansen

wide row of bushy flowering plants with an older two-story brick school building in background

Fall Colors

at Howe Elementary garden. Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Large tree-ear type mushroom with brown nodules fanning across it on blackish gnarly tree bark


Saddle on tree. Photo: Chris Balck

Telescopic view looking down a four-lane street with cars and traffic lights, most green, one red, one yellow arrow, with a giant sunset in the background setting over the street scene

Sunset Strip

East Lake at equinox… Photo: David Skarjune

two men seen from behind on park bench watching a man sing and play guitar in a park setting

Plugged In

Location: Minnehaha Park, 4801 S Minnehaha Drive Musician Matt Yetter arrives by bicycle, … READ MORE

Front of red truck parked on a street with a "Sale Today" sign on top.

Sign of Normalcy

Location: East31st Street & 39th Avenue South One of my favorite pastimes … READ MORE

moon rising

Beautiful Night

Warm weather & moon… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Triptych view of an artist, wearing a mask, works on painting a mural of tree silhouettes with roots on side of building

Savory Artist

Corey Hanssen paints mural… Photo: René Rosengren

Wide assembly of people dressed in white on a lawn facing a church building with masked speakers on a stage

Masked Chanting

at Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo… Photo: Jane Strauss

sidewalk and boulevard mostly covered with brown leaves against a wooden fence

Fall Walk

Photo: Sue Romain