River Spire

diptych of tall spiraling outdoor sculpture made of stacked layers of iron plates and stones

Location: Minneapolis Veterans Home, 5101 Minnehaha Avenue

Shane Allbritton and Norman Lee created this multi-layered rock sculpture at the Minneapolis Veterans Home that exists somewhere between art, architecture, and landscape. The metal placard on site reads: “Juxtaposing the stoic quality of military life with the organic quality of the natural world, River Spire celebrates the friendship and solidarity of the service men and women that have found community at the Veterans Home. Reinterpreting the chevron, a common symbol used in U.S. military insignia, as an array of metal plates spiraling upward, the wave-like surface evokes the nearby river and creeks. As a metaphor for life’s journey after dedicated service, the sculpture expresses the towering quality of a battle monument in a poetic form capturing the natural features of the Mississippi River banks.”

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Photo: Brian Donahue