Two long rows of big orange pumpkins on shelves outdoors

Pumpkin Row

October begins… Photo: David Skarjune

elegant light magenta-petaled flowers against greenage with bits of yellow dried buds and leaves

Fall Asters

You know it’s fall when… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

wide riverscape reflecting blue sky and white clouds with green and colorful trees on shoreline

Fall Panorama

River reflections. René Rosengren

Autumn-colored foiled on trees with evergreen in the middle

Changing Colors

with evening chills… Photo: Jane Strauss

Single maple tree that changes color from green leaves at the base to bright red at the peak

Red Maple

turning glowing shades… Photo: Chris Balck

Thick green vine of white blossoms with four or five pointed petals on the side of a house

Fall Clematis

of beautiful blooms… Photo: Sue Romain

Horizontal white sign etched with "Danish American Center" in navy blue with with a graphic combining Danish and US flag

Must Be a Sign

Stolen wooden sign replaced… Photo: Brian Donahue

Yellow tape on used blue lawn sign spells out "Vote" with streetscape, trees, and foilage in background

Just Vote

sums it up… Photo: David Skarjune

orange and black butterfly alight on a big orange flower against a garage roof and sky

Monarch Happy Hour

Raking leaves and… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

A tall craggy bare oak tree surrounded by trees with many fall colored foilage

Fall Extravaganza

Colors along parkway. Photo: Julie Smith

parking lot with some cars and an ALDI store with a Now Open sign on the building

Back in Business

ALDI & reconstruction… Photo: Jane Strauss

vines of red leaves backlit at night along a wooden fence

Autumn Glow

til the wind blows… Photo: Chris Balck

four large colorful murals of a black man's face in a grass yard with a sign reading "Justice for George Floyd"

Summer of George

Reminders of injustice stand tall… Photo: Robin Lietz

Inflatable yard decorations with a unicorn skeleton with a "Be The Change" sign along with a spider

Unlikely Pair

Cute & scary… Photo: Michele Jansen

mostly bare trees with colorful bushy branches in foreground

Colorful Spots

Still brilliant color… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Small number of bright red roses on dark green vines against a dull white stucco wall

Stop & See

the roses still blooming. Photo: David Skarjune

front yard of a house with a giant white rope spiderweb and black spider attached to the house and porch railing

Ready for Halloween

Spiderweb in seasonal spirit… Photo: Jane Strauss

blurry snowflakes fall over a dim scene with a driftwood log and autumn leaves

Coming Blizzard

How much will it bring? Photo: Chris Balck

looking out from a porch along a metal railing onto a snowy street scene with fresh thick snow covering yard, street, cars, and tree limbs

Snowy Day

Gorgeous, if you don’t drive… Photo: Sue Romain

two flower pots on steps with a cat peering out through a glass door

One Last Look

Cat observes mums & cold… Photo: Michele Jansen

rows of red-leafed trees with tall red brick buildings in background


Trees still had leaves… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Overlaid pile of golden yellow fan-shaped leaves

Fallen Ginkgo Leaves

Reminder that winter is arriving… Photo: Julie Smith

dark storefront windows with overhead lights and just an address of 4000 on a transom window

Coming Soon…

What next on Minnehaha/40th… Photo: Chris Balck

four people bundled up, wearing bright safety vests and face masks in a tnet with a sign reading Return Ballot Here

Return Ballot Here

Safe and bundled voting… Photo: Sue Romain

Diptych of VOTE HERE sign and line of people outside along a sidewalk on a sunny day

Early Voting

Lined up on a sunny day… Credit: Robin Lietz

Storefront window with large WE'RE OPEN letter in red and other signage to VOTE and wear masks


and coffee too… Photo: David Skarjune

single red maple leaf with brown leafs on the ground and a small clump of icy snow

Snow Soon Gone

with fallen leaves. Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

two men wearing masks stand neat a fire ring basket on the street with costumed adults and children in background

COIVD Cauldron

for a Safe Halloween… Photo: David Skarjune