long wall of building with a red Target store entrance at far end and a colorful mural across the wall to the near end with the words: We Stand Together. We Build Together.

We Stand Together

New mural by JXTA at Target… Photo: Brian Donahue

looking down at cement grid with rusty manhole cover surrounded by spray-painted red slashes

City Hieroglyphics

open to interpretation… Photo: Michele Jansen

house at night light up with christmas lights

Bring the Light

to darkness of December… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

pair of wooden body models, one appearing to pull up the other

Model Behavior

Lending a helping hand. Photo: Rene Rosengren

nighttime view of house window with "christmas leg lamp", Snoopy, and Christmas tree, with inflatable lit dog house and snowman figure

Winter Decorations

… just missing the snow. Photo: Chris Balck

Television monitor on a wooden table in front of a window inside a house with the word NETFLIX on a black screen

Binge Night

‘Tis the season… Photo: Sue Romain

mostly black and white rendering of a modern apartment interior with living room and dining counter

A Walk in the Park

Portico replaces Greg’s Auto… Photo: Brian Donahue

Four-paned window of house with a Santa picture and other holiday decorations hanging inside the windows

Jolly Ol’ Holiday

going to Grandma’s… Photo: David Skarjune

panoramic view of post-harvest garden field with gray clouds against a pale blue sky with silhouette of a tall bare tree on right side of foreground

Awaiting Snow

to blanket Dowling Garden… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Holiday lights decorate a house and yard at night

Holiday Magic

in Longfellow at night… Photo: Jane Strauss

A scarecrow-like figure rests mid-air on a single ladder rail holding decorative lights over a small tree next to a house

Holiday Balance

Clever holiday decoration. Photo:  Chris Balck

young woman holding bags of groceries behind a car with trunk open on the street, she's smiling for the camera


#AdoptAFamily Photo: Sue Romain

at twilight a bulldozer and construction shovel at work over a broad dirt lot with a lit Burger King sign in the background

No Holiday

Coming soon… Photo: Brian Donahue

four men and three women wearing masks stand behind a bar counter with beer taps behind them wearing various Tshirts, hoodies and stocking caps with an A logo and Arbeiter Brewing

Arbeiter Brewing

opens at the ol’ Harriet site… Photo: David Skarjune

bare branches against a blue sky

Bare Trees

hibernating, ready for snow… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

panoramic view of an ice rink with white boards in a brown field with some ice in the rink

State of Hockey

If you build it… Photo: René Rosengren

nighttime view of a fenced off lot with a row of buildings, street lights, and construction cranes in the background

Sleeping Giants

Location: East 31st Street & 27th Avenue South This week, the burned-out … READ MORE

a wood frame shed houses a number of statuettes surrounding a baby in a small crib on the floor


celebrates Christmas. Photo: Chris Balck

Construction shovel working in a lot of dirt and debris against a cloudy sky

Cleanup Continues

on East Lake Street… Photo: Sue Romain

snow covers the top of evergreen branches with green needles and in the background are faint outlines of tall evergreen trees in a white sky

Snow Upon Us

just in time… Photo: Brian Donahue

a table top christmas tree with blue lights with a cat perched aside looking towards it

Watching for Santa

Mazy the cat and tree… Photo: Michele Jansen

dark winter street scene with houses, tree silhouettes, and orange-red streaks of color across a dim blue cloudy sky

Merry Christmas

pre-sunrise show… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

back of wide sign seen from behind in the snow with painted slogans of I CANT WAIT 2 HUG U with pink hearts

Hugs All Around

Well wishes for us all… Photo: Julie Smith

picture of a hand forming a "peace sign" with words on the fingers and palm: Peace, Love, Faith, Joy, Hop, Unity, Kindness

The Year that Was

Oh, such a year… Photo: Jane Strauss

snowy scene of a parkway with ski tracks and a red-jacketed skier in the distance

Skiing the Parkway

Been waiting so long… Photo: Chris Balck

snow falling on a snow-covered street with bare trees down the block, parked cars in the distance, and a pale blue haze over all

Snowy Street

Beautiful snowy day… Photo: Sue Romain

Wrap It Up

Buh Bye 2020!