Wrap It Up

Photo credit: Chris Balck

Our 2020 ended with a quiet evening at home, enjoying a nice dinner and a movie. We missed seeing our friends, but know that we will see them again at future New Years parties. Although this has been a very challenging year for Minneapolis, the US, and the world as a whole – we do have things to be thankful for. We were married in a small outdoor (socially-distant) ceremony that a few close friends & family were able to attend. And, thankfully, our family & friends have remained safe & healthy this year. We wish everyone a healthy & peaceful 2021!

Photo credit: Michele Jansen

There once was a girl named Michele
Who lived through a year from hell.
There was a bright spot
Her daughter tied the knot.
But the rest didn’t go so well

She hoped for the best in the new year.
But the future is never clear.
She wished for peace
and for love to increase
And for the new year to be less severe.

woman and man with winterwear and stocking caps outside in winter with a fountain sculpture in background

Photo credit: Brian Donahue

Cherishing our walks in the best park in the Twin Cities (Minnehaha Park). 2020 was a challenging year in so many respects. The photos we all document of our beloved, ever-changing neighborhood will become important documents of history when we look back at them in future years. We look forward to a much brighter year, and wish you all a happy and healthy new year. Pictured: Robin Lietz and Brian Donahue