Happy 2021

person's face and shoulders closeup with pinched grin waring a heavy coat and furry trapper hat with snowy brown landscape and blue sky in background

Photo credit: Julie Smith

Coldwater Spring, 5601 Minnehaha Park Drive South

Photography lifts my spirit! Wandering quietly in the neighborhood brings such sweet surprises amongst the pain and sadness we have all been experiencing this past year. Being a Guest photographer for Longellow365 has kept me connected to this Community, to other photographers, and to the creativity that is so strong here on so many levels. All seen in what is reflected in the photos of our neighborhood. May it continue to hold us all up in this new year ahead.

Photo credit: Sue Romain

Location: Longfellow Neighborhood

In this wonky year of 2020, I was glad to have my love of photography to capture the year. Our neighborhood went through a turbulent time, but I believe the blocks and neighbors are closer because of it. COVID-19, civil unrest, and voting for president during a pandemic were among the many trials and tribulations that we faced this year. As the Tuesday photographer, I was happy to capture all of those events and more for L365. Looking forward to 2021.

Man in winter garb looking at camera with a postered gray brick wall behind him with large text: We Need Us! We Need--Lake Street--Need Us

Photo credit: David Skarjune

Location: East Lake Street & 36th Avenue South

It’s True. After a tumultuous year in so many ways across Minneapolis (and beyond), Lake Street and Longfellow need all of us this year. Let’s make it matter.