A Minnesota Wildflower, the Sanguinaria canadensis (or Bloodroot) blooms for only a day or two before dying

After the Rain

The flower of the Bloodroot blooms for only a day or two before dying.

Many yellow blossoms with long petals along green branches over dry brown leaves on ground


the Easter tree…

store door boarded up, interior showing through windows, neon OPEN sign over door

East Lake Open

for business after a troubled night…

National Guard grab some tacos before their long night watch

Standing Guard

Two National Guardsman take in a taco dinner.

looking down a mostly empty street at night with a line of police and military vehicles approaching

Night Patrol

on East Lake Street.

Looking over a wooden fence with cane sticks into an empty lot with a small wooden stage structure and a white barrel in foreground and other odd items on ground in distance

Staging Area

on a burned out lot…

Sunlight illuminates a beautifully painted mural of George Floyd. The paint colors... all shades of blue.

Justice Now Peace

A mural of George Floyd—painted in beautiful shades of blue on LV’s Barbershop’s … READ MORE

Looking over a baseball diamond from behind the fenced backstop with players on field, on deck batter with T-ball in foreground, and adult coach on the side

Batters Up

Spring batting practice

Only a flight of concrete steps remain as the demolition of two bungalows and a gas station begin.

Bye Bye Bungalows

Two bungalows and Geller Automotive were bulldozed