field of bright yellow dandelion flowers on green grass

Just Dandy

Dandelions everywhere

Looking over a baseball diamond from behind the fenced backstop with players on field, on deck batter with T-ball in foreground, and adult coach on the side

Batters Up

Spring batting practice

Looking over a wooden fence with cane sticks into an empty lot with a small wooden stage structure and a white barrel in foreground and other odd items on ground in distance

Staging Area

on a burned out lot…

store door boarded up, interior showing through windows, neon OPEN sign over door

East Lake Open

for business after a troubled night…

Many yellow blossoms with long petals along green branches over dry brown leaves on ground


the Easter tree…

woman and two young children flying a kite on a bare baseball diamond with field and trees in background on a sunny day with deep blue sky

Go Fly a Kite

Wind advisory at Brackett

Happy Spring

Vernal Equinox Sunrise o’er East Lake St

faded sign on a red brick wall reading DANKO'S DAIRY with cartoonish cow heads

Remember Danko’s?

some do recall as kids with quarters for candy…

Brigh yellow classic 70s car parked with black roof and bed cover behind a fence with street in background

Canary Ranchero

Thawing out in the spring sun…

Picturesque scene of waterfall framed by icy cliffs with blue sky overhead

Spring Falls

with Laughing Waters…

Castle Corner

to become US Bank…

Shiny red and gold balls gleam against snow with yellow stems in background

Winter Bling

with holiday decorations.

two classic cars parked on street, one a convertible with a brick storefront in background

Top Down?

Is this MN?

person in winter holding a chopper with one hand high on the handle about to drop onto an icy sidewalk next to snow-covered yard with yard signs

Chop Chop

Chopping on the ice…

crescent moon in a deep blue sky with blurrred branches and evergreen needles in foreground

Rising Crescent

at end of day. Photo: David Skarjune

Flaming orange panels seen on a dark bank of trees against a gray sky with bare tree branch silhouettes in foreground

Reflected Sunset

from St. Paul shore… Photo: David Skarjune

young girl with hot pink jacket skating with a hockey stick towards a puck on blu-ish white ice

Good Ice

Skate to the puck…