Lawn Art

Lawn art watches over the Howe neighborhood near 38th and 46th Ave. … READ MORE

Lake Street Mural

One of many great murals in our neighborhood. Photo: Robert Ball


A temporary frame next to Minnehaha Falls creates an inviting photo opportunity … READ MORE

Empire Art

Art seen along the Midtown Greenway Bike Trail (near 27th Street East … READ MORE

Meet Mae

Mae is a sculpture/protest symbol that’s been adorning the streetlight outside 3337 … READ MORE

Lola Art Crawl

Artist and 3rd time participant in the League of Longfellow Artists Art … READ MORE

Hidden Gem

Colors on a gloomy day. Photo: Jean Des Marais


For some reason walking around in the rain to find this picture … READ MORE

Meet Ricardo

Ricardo Levins Morales’ work is vital to ensuring communities stay strong. Photo: Jean Des Marais

Sketch of woman in winterwear on metal on telephone pole

Street Art

Cool little artwork. Photo: Anduz Johnson

woman standing next to a single story building with a mural of an abstract landscape with a field of green globe shapes with bird silhouettes flying in a blue sky under a yellow sun

Megan Moore

LoLa artist mural at Minnehaha Scoop…

older woman with black glasses and red sweater sitting in a sofa chair holding a medium-sized piece of paper with artworks and words

Artist Anita White

with her Sleep Journal… photos: Skarjune & Jansen

Painted artistic face design atop a tree stump in grass

Kind Smile

Kindness rock in the boulevard. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Man painting on an outdoor wall mural, with ladder and small table of supplies, depicting a deer with large horns

Coffee Por Favor

New Mural at Selam Coffee… Photo: Robin Lietz