Hardy Commuter

A cyclist commuting home in the early evening zooms along the river … READ MORE

Fat tires

Chaz lives on the other side of Hiawatha in Phillips, but came … READ MORE

Snowy Spring Day

Bike rider along West River Parkway Trail Photo: Kevin Venerus

Hardy Commuter

Winter Bicycling in all its glory. Photo: Jack Musil

Night Rider

Night riding on the parkway. Photo: Emily Davison


Location: Minnehaha parkway I was biking down to the falls to get … READ MORE

man and young boy on bicycles on a city street posed for the camera on a sunny day

Out for Exercise

Location: 34xx East 31st Street One allowable reason for leaving the home … READ MORE

Bicyclist with fluorescent yell-green jacket and helmet on a parkway street with orange safety cones in the middle of the roadway

River Road Safety

Cars, walkers, and bikers spread out… Photo: Sue Romain

bicyclists going down a parkway road next to orange traffic cones down the middle of the roadway

Pedestrians Only

…on northbound West River Parkway… Photo: Brian Donahue