hand dipping grilled cheese sandwich into cup of tomato soap

Warm Comfort Food on a Cold Day

On this cold day a toasty grilled cheese with tomato basil soup was all that was needed to warm the spirit. Photo: Brian Donahue

Front of small church building with white walls, brown trim, and tall grain elevators in background

Historic St. James Church

St. James AME Church reflects the heritage of the first African American congregation formed in Minneapolis. Photo: Brian Donahue

large metal framed window wall with colored slats and sign reading SALW 60%R OFF EVERYTHING MUST GO BY DECEMBER 31 *SOME STUFF FREE

Everything Must Go

Minnehaha Falls Nursery has closed its doors and covered over the windows. Not a tree nor plant in sight. Photo: Brian Donahue

Four-pillared square stone structure in circular iced pond with sunset background

Wabun’s Stonehenge

A wading pool sits frozen in time. Photo: Brian Donahue

Cinder block building with City of Minneapolis Equipment Storage sign over industrial overhead door

Snelling Yards

This building with a beautiful art deco style may be demolished this year… Photo: Brian Donahue

man at control board with many knobs facing monitors with background window of man with many guitars

The Minnehaha Sessions

Musician Andrew Diemand lays down vocals as studio owner Tony Williamette works the controls. Photo: Brian Donahue

Dozens of ceramic tiles with different patterns and colors in a grid together.

Hottest Thing in the Neighborhood

Sampling of Arts & Crafts tiles at North Prairie Tileworks that fit the vibe of neighboring bungalows. Photo: Brian Donahue

bare trees along icy water and snow

After the Snowfall

A morning hike down the Minnehaha Creek Trail where the creek meets the Mississippi River. Photo: Brian Donahue

red-headed woodpecker atop a bare wooden pole

Drumming Away

This Pileated Woodpecker pecked away on utility poles along my walk. Photo: Brian Donahue

Smiling man with snowblower blowing snow over a fence

Kind Neighbor

A ‘kind neighbor’ does some cleanup work with his snowblower… Photo Credit: Brian Donahue

Small crowd in dim lounge watching spotlighted three-piece band with big letters MPLS on wall of small stage

Free Music

The Shackletons kick off their Free Music Wednesdays at the Hook and Ladder Lounge. Photo: Brian Donahue

Electric substation with sign reading Vintage, 3 blocks that-a-way with finger pointing icon, carn traffic and skyline in vbackground with red to blue sunset colors in sky

Vintage Winter

Seems like days of old, when we’d have see snow piled this high… Photo: Brian Donahue

man in yellow-green safety overalls by a ladder on a roof spraying steam from a long metal tool

Steamy Situation

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for removing ice dams. Photo: Brian Donahue

line of children with ice cream cones walking on a field from a Dairy Queen in the background

First Day of Spring

The first sign of spring was the sprouting line at the Dairy Queen. Photo: Brian Donahue

man sitting against a big tree trunk and playing guitar next to flooding waters of a creek

The Trails Ends Here

At the end of the trail was a local musician jamming away on his guitar… Photo: Brian Donahue

snowman detailed with black buttons and an orange triangle nose, with b yellow sign with arrow and couple walking in background

Frosty Spring

The snowman chuckled as I passed, “ah, spring in Minnesota”… Photo: Brian Donahue

Shelf of old knick knacks including a Charlie Brown doll, cereal boxes, mugs on a shelf under a yellow lamp

Bomb’s Away

Time Bomb Vintage shelves are getting packed up & moved… Photo: Brian Donahue

Long line of people standing outside a park building with bare trees around them

Get in Line

The line at Sea Salt grows deep on warm evenings… Photo: Brian Donahue

Store window filled with array of vintage items including mannequins, clothing, cactus, and a multi-colored sign reading STRANGE

Strange Phenomenon

A strange thing happened walking down Minnehaha Ave… Photo: Brian Donahue

3 story buildings with lit windows at dusk with dark bare trees in the foreground

All Lit Up

Construction rolling along at Minnehaha Academy Upper School… Photo: Brian Donahue

Full white blossoms on tree branches against a bright blue sky

Spring Snow

Beautiful flowers on this Spring Snow Crabapple tree… Photo: Brian Donahue

stacks of wooden orange crates with Customer Service desk and people in background

Home Improvement

Exploring the rows at ReStore—where the inventory constantly changes. Photo: Brian Donahue

Three teenage girls pose, one sitting, two standing together, in front of a pool, with an old arched stone structure in background

Coldwater Restoration

These bicyclists stopped for a hike around Coldwater Spring… Photo: Brian Donahue

A construction excavator tears into an aged two-story yellow clapboard building, with a new five-story building in background

The Ups and Downs of 46th

As apartment dwellers move into a new building… Photo Credit: Brian Donahue

man in T-shirt and shorts leaning against back of a small truck carrying six paddleboards on a rack, in a garage port with a painted sign on top with PADDLE NORTH and loon logo

Paddling North

Preparing for a moving sale to Nordeast… Photo: Brian Donahue

Four glasses of cider colored pale straw to light red with bottles and background out of focus with bar and people

Cider House Rules

Sampling the array of ciders… Photo: Brian Donahue

Gray building with mural depicting a diversity of faces in an abstracted flag design with red , white, and blue colors

Aikido All Day

Aikido focuses on harmonizing with opponent. (East Lake Aikido) Photo: Brian Donahue

tan-colored dog with hanging tongue and backpack in foreground with a black and a white dog with people in the background

Dog Days of Summer

Quality off-leash time in the dog park. Photo: Brian Donahue

Lots of children and a few adults in a wading pool on a sunny day

Summer Cool

Great place to chill out on a hot afternoon… Photo: Brian Donahue

white archway with pergolas as entrance to a large flower garden

Flowers Elevated

Morning walk above Highway 55… Photo: Brian Donahue

Closeup of hops buds with green leaves

Community Hops

Exploring the several varieties of hops… Photo: Brian Donahue